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Vipers 1-0 KCCA FC: all assumptions that Magambo’s own goal should not have counted

Peter Magambo's own goal

The decision probably decided the game as there was no other goal to measure up for the result at the St. Mary’s.

Let’s break down the ‘controversial’ refereeing decisions from the game.

Yunus Ssentamu back-flipped the ball to Disan Galiwango who sent a strong low ball into KCCA FC’s penalty area that Peter Magambo tried to intercept but instead deflected it into his own goalmouth as depicted by the clip below shared by StarTimes UPL broadcasters Sanyuka TV via their Twitter handle.

Watch: Vipers goal vs KCCA FC

First, a closer look at the angles may not give a straight forward picture of whether the goal really counted or not.

But let us take a digger dig into what transpired the incident.

According to football instructor Mujib Kasule who was also in studio for the analysis of the live game on Sanyuka TV, a referee was right to award the goal.

“When you take a closer look at where the non-kicking foot is placed, which is on the goal-line, it is difficult for a player to clear tat ball if indeed it hasn’t crossed the line,” he says.

“If you look at how he kicked that ball away, you can clearly see that he stepped on the goal-line and technically the distance that allows you to kick a ball must be reason enough for the stretch he pulled off to clear it. For me the goal counts,” he adds.

While Mujib’s analysis counts to a given extent, let’s take a closer look at some of the assumptions that could be drawn from the incident.

  • This picture clearly demonstrates that Magambo’s non-kicking foot was not placed on the goal line and it is only after kicking that ball the body is moved onto the gaol-line.
  • While clearing that ball, Magambo bent his body in the opposite direction which ideally can give room for a player to kick a ball that is closer to their body

This picture demonstrates the moment Magambo clears the ball and here are some of the assumptions that we can draw from this picture.

  • Magambo turned his whole body to the right while clearing the ball off the line. If that ball as per Magambo’s posture had gone in, it would require him to clear from the overhead which is not the case here.
  • Also, if you take a closer look at where the assisatant referee (who awarded the goal) was positioned, he was in the wrong place to make the judgement at that moment. He was positioned meters away from the goal-line which would have been a very important aspect in determing the basis for the decision.

One referee the Touchline Sports talked to, but prefered anonymity intimated that “those are some of the decisions that are very difficult to call. However, not awarding such a goal would have had less harm than awarding it.”

We are aware the referees in the Uganda Premier League have no access to the technologies and support systems like it is the case for Europe and other parts of the world. This therefore, our prupose here is not to dsregard the quality of the referees.

What do you think should have been the best call for this particular incident?

Share with us your views in the comment section below.

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