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U18 Girls Inter-Hub: Asumin, Ariango to lead SCA A & B ahead of tournament in Gulu

Akrut Asumin while batting in Kigali Rwanda

Asumin Akurut, a prominent player representing Olila Cricket Club, and Ariago Michelle from Wanderers Cricket Club in Uganda Cricket National League, have been bestowed with the honor of captaining Soroti Cricket Academy’s Team A and B, respectively.

Embarking on a journey that transcends mere competition, Soroti Cricket Academy, having etched an enduring mark in Kigali, now sets its sights on triumph in the inaugural under-18 girls inter-hub tournament. The grand stage is set for this unprecedented event, unfolding from January 24th to 28th in the heart of Gulu at St Joseph’s College Layibi.

As the cradle of cricket experience, Soroti Cricket Academy, with its abundance of players, seizes the opportunity to field two formidable teams, Soroti Cricket Academy A and B.

This strategic move not only ensures representation for all, including those who missed the Kigali tour, but also underscores the academy’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering inclusivity.

The inception of this groundbreaking tournament not only marks a new chapter in cricket activities but also kindles an unparalleled excitement, placing girls at the forefront of sporting priorities.

The anticipation crescendos as all four hubs gear up for action starting on January 25th, with simmering rivalries dating back to the previous year’s Girls Schools Cricket week adding an extra layer of intensity – setting the stage for long-awaited redemption.

Asumin Akurut, whose stellar performance in Rwanda earned her the title of the best batter, ascends to the role of captain for Soroti Cricket Academy A.

Accompanying her is close confidante Jimia Mohammad Abadallah, assuming the role of assistant captain, a strategic move designed not just for the tournament but to deepen leadership potential within the team.

Ariago Mitchelle, recently entrusted with opening the batting during the Soroti tour in Rwanda, now captains Soroti Cricket Academy B.

Ariago Michelle while celebrating a wicket with her teammates in Kigali.

Her confident delivery in the face of low confidence from teammate Timong in the second last game exemplifies the resilience and prowess that define the team. Assisting her as vice-captain is Ruth Kulume, adding a layer of strategic depth to the B side.

In a seamless transition, coaches Ogwang Wilfred and Ebulu Ronald, who tirelessly continued their work in the holiday coaching camp now take the reins of Soroti Cricket Academy teams A and B, respectively, bringing a wealth of experience and guidance to the fore.

An elite assembly of talent, Soroti Cricket Academy’s U18 Girls Teams A and B stand poised for the Gulu Tour, each player a testament to skill and dedication.

Full squads


Asumin Akurut (Captain)
Mohammed Jimia Abdallah (Vice-Captain)
Patricia Timong
Patricia Agwang
Rehema Akiteng
Mary Nabuma
Zita Achan
Rhoda Abonyo
Adero Stella
Aguti Christine
Lucky Agwang
Josephine Alayo
Joyce Mary Arugo
Patricia Apolot


Michelle Ariago (Captain)
Ruth Kulume (Vice-Captain)
Josephine Icumar
Sarah Tino
Ruth Akello
Mercy Tracy Kongai
Rose Atego
Judith Iro
Blessing Apio
Akello Jane Juliet
Susan Akidi
Joan Ilora
Amayo Martha
Nyanmer Divine

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