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Soroti Cricket Academy U-17 girls encounter set back in Kigali


In a challenging match on the second day of the Soroti Cricket Academy tour in Rwanda, the SCA U-17 girls faced a set back against Rwanda U-17 girls’ team resulting in a disappointing defeat for the team from Eastern Ugandan.

The anticipation for an 80-over game with 40 overs per side quickly shifted, as only 20 overs were played by both teams, leading to an unexpectedly early conclusion.

Despite the challenging conditions of the pitch, SCA captain Jimia Mohammad, winning the toss, chose to bat first—a decision that raised eyebrows but is an integral part of the game.

The early dismissal of Captain Jimia Mohammad in the first over off the first ball added pressure to the batting lineup, reflected on the score of 7/5 at the end of the first power play (8 overs).

The girls from Rwanda skillfully capitalized on the early wickets, setting the stage for their dominance.

Analyzing the match, it becomes evident that the decision to bat first on a slow, bowling-friendly track may have been a strategic misstep for Soroti Cricket Academy.

The unfortunate dismissal of key players like Jimia Mohammad, Timong Patricia and Apolot Patricia early in the game heightened the challenge for the team.

Although a partnership between Akiteng Rehema and Asumin Akurut offered a glimmer of hope, it was short-lived as Akurut’s dismissal in the 8th over further dented SCA’s chances.

A subsequent run-out dismissal of Arugo Joyce Mary hindered the chances of any potential recovery, leaving the team with a meager 13 runs on the board after 15.5 overs.

Arugo faced an unfortunate run-out orchestrated by Ufitinema Liliane and Rwanda’s wicketkeeper Utagushima Fanny, following Agwang Patricia’s call.

Arugo departed early, failing to score on the single ball she faced, leaving her team without any contribution.

The final pairing of Icumar Josephine and Tino Sarah, both bowlers, faced 17 and 16 balls, respectively, without making substantial contributions to the team’s score.

The conclusion of Tino Sarah’s innings came with Merville Uwase’s exceptional catch at first slips, marking the end of the first innings for Soroti Cricket Academy under-17 girls team.

The Rwandese girls exhibited a positive body language throughout the day, maintaining their focus and consistently securing wickets.

By the end of 6.1 overs, the Rwandese had accumulated 14 runs, showcasing their disciplined performance.

Reflecting on the game, the coach of the Rwandese team, Bugingo Kenneth Bryson expressed satisfaction with their overall performance, setting the stage for highly anticipated competitive games scheduled for Friday.

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