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Sadat Anaku: Debut season target falls through


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After having a successful 3-year stint in the FUFA Junior League where he scored 84 goals, teenager Sadat Anaku has so far failed to transform and adapt to football in the top flight.

Anaku was promoted to KCCA FC senior side from the FUFA Junior League last season (2019- 2020) after scoring 31 goals for the junior league in the previous season.

On joining the top-flight, Anaku set himself targets for the 2019-20 season qhich would see him at least score in double double figures. However, he has recurring injuries have kept him out for much of the season and he faces yet another challenge. The fear of the unknown. Will he ever make it in the top flight?

“My target was to score 15 goals in my first top league competitions but an injury hindered my efforts,” the youngster revealed to The Touchline Sports.

“At times, whenever I was down with an injury, I could always cry thinking about the lost chance to prove a point in my debut season.” He added.

In the Junior League, Anaku was a king, a joy to watch for those who had been following the under age editions. He scored all sorts of goals, topping the scorer’s charts for three successive seasons. He scored 27 goals in 2016-2017 season, 26 goals in 2017-2018 and 31 goals, making a tally of 84 goals in 3 years. But, despite all his scoring heroics, he did not guide KCCA FC Junior team to any junior league title.

Sadat Anaku posing with his golden boot after scoring 31 goals in the 2018-19 FJL season | Courtesy Photo

Anaku is still optimistic that he will hit double digits figures next season and his dream is to be the teams’ top scorer.

“Even if I failed to meet my target in my first season, I will continue to work hard, double my efforts for the next season,” he asserts.

“I want to become top scorer at KCCA and maybe the team’s best player like Geoffrey Sserunkuma and Patrick Kaddu did for the past seasons.”

“I always like to play with Erisa Ssekisambu,” Anaku told The T(ouchline Sports before he added, “he is hard working and has the balance and ability to run off the striking line and on the other hand, Muzamir Mutyaba has been the creative engine after Allan Okello, but Muzamir gives you that quality last touch that is why I normally want him to play behind me on the pitch.”

Derrick Nsibambi and Cristiano Ronaldo are an inspiration to Sadat Anaku and he wants to mold his game and play like them.

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