Natuhereza: We will stop City Oilers when the league returns

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Nicholas Natureheza believes his team, UCU Canons has got what it takes to halt City Oilers’ 7-year dominance of the National Basketball League.

Natuhereza who is the FUBA Technical Director and coach of last season’s finalists, while on NBS The Score last Sunday said his team will stop City Oilers monopoly if they build on what they did last year.

For those who know me really, would think if I never had that belief to end that run,  It wouldn’t be fun to be part of the League.

So, I am confident that if we build on what we did last season, we have a chance to go all the way this year.

He boldly spoke out.

When asked what the secret behind the Oilers’ 7 -year dominance, Nick [as commonly known] said the Oilers’ management and level of the organization have played a big role in this.

I credit their management and their level of organisation as City Oilers has had a core of professional players for a good amount of time. This has helped them build that team chemistry and not to start again every season like other teams in the National Basketball League(NBL)

He said.

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The Consistency in the roaster and core players has played a big role along with the management

He added.

Basketball is known as a game for players with talent and size but Nick believes Uganda has talent considering how the country has been performing on the international stage.

If you look at some of the players that have come through the ranks and how they have performed at international stage, you definitely have to say we have talent .

He also thinks size is necessary but it’s not the most important thing in the game.

One may look at talent in terms of size but I think size is important but it’s not the most important thing as the game is tending towards players who are not big so to us it’s an advantage

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In terms of the best male players he has managed, NatuDavid Deng Kongor stands out.

In terms of Ability and talents, I would pick David Deng Kongor ‘Dikong’.

David Deng Kongor in action for UCU Canons in a league match | Courtesy Photo

He also acknolehNick says Flavia Oketcho is the most decorated lady basketball player and one of the greatest of all time.

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Hudson Ssegamwenge: Improving grassroots basketball is FUBA’s main focus

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