Hudson Ssegamwenge: Improving grassroots basketball is FUBA’s main focus

FUBA hudson ssegamwenge - hudson-ssegamwenge-improving-grassroots-basketball-fubas-main-focus

When Nasser Sserunjogi was elected into the FUBA office in February 2019, his selling point was largely concentrated on improving grassroots basketball. But, one year down the lane, nothing seems to have changed despite all the promise – things are just the same as they were before he came into office.

When hosted on NBS The Score last Sunday to discuss matters of Ugandan basketball and why it has failed to take a step into professionalism, FUBA’s General Secretary, Hudson Ssegamwenge, via a phone interview, stressed that FUBA’s main focus is still on improving grassroots basketball.

Of course our main focus is to improve grassroots basketball. We have streamlined, and created solid partnerships and programs with primary and secondary schools.

He said.

When asked why the 2019 Junior NBA FUBA league was never held, Mr. Ssegamwenge revealed that the activity’s binding contract signed between NBA and FUBA in 2015 had expired.

The Junior NBA League didn’t take place last year because the contract we signed with the NBA had ended, so we couldn’t progress with it before renewing the deal.

He revealed.

Luckily enough, we concluded the negotiations in November last year and both parties decided to extend the partnership.

He added.

He also revealed that FUBA is working very hard to get more sponsors on board.

We are in negotiations with a few sponsors, and we think by June, two would have joined us.

The 2020 NBL season was meant to begin on the 20th March but was postponed following a lockdown instituted on Uganda due to the coronavirus pandemic. This meant that all sporting activities were halted including the NBL.

However, the FUBA VP who also doubles as the Federation’s General Secretary is confident the NBL will resume in June if all goes well.

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We expect our league (NBL) to be back by June, but we might increase the number of game days to 3 or 4 in a week to complete the season in time.

Hudson Ssegamwenge was speaking on behalf of FUBA’s president, Nasser Sserunjogi who could not make it for the show.

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