Javier Saviola is the top scorer of the 2001 World Junior Championship


Junior tournaments are always very popular among fans. At such competitions, it is often possible to see the formation of future big stars. By the way, the livescore of such matches is always covered on the sports statistics site. It allows fans to follow the tournaments and keep their hand on the pulse.

In 2001, the winner of the World Junior Championship was the national team of Argentina. The team could triumph, not least because of the bright and attacking style of play they practiced. 

Javier Saviola was the top scorer in that competition. The Argentine forward had 11 accurate shots. Saviola showed himself ideally both in the group stage and in the playoffs.

Thanks to his accurate strikes, Argentina confidently passed one opponent after another. Among them:

  • China;
  • France;
  • Paraguay.

In the final match, Argentina met Ghana’s team, whose livescore is also available on the sports statistics website. So, Saviola also scored in the decisive game, and his team confidently defeated the opponent with a 3-0.

That was the young forward’s finest hour. Not only did he become the competition’s top scorer, but he was also named the tournament’s most valuable player. It is the most explicit demonstration of how vital Javier’s contribution to the victory was.

What are the vital qualities of this striker?

Saviola is relatively small and quick. He could hardly put up a power struggle, but he could run away from opponents. It is what ensured the result of Argentina in that tournament. By the way, it is easy to predict the football results of any match involving this team.

So, if highlighting the forward’s strengths that allowed him to perform brilliantly in the tournament, it is worth mentioning the following:

  1. A powerful and well-placed shot. Javier often scored with shots that he took from outside the penalty area.
  2. Good starting speed. Saviola was speedy and explosive. That made it easy for him to get away from his opponents.
  3. Excellent technique. Thanks to the dribbling, Javier could pass almost any defender and get into the most optimal position to shoot.

In addition, at that tournament, he felt the coaching staff’s trust, which allowed him to demonstrate his strong qualities fully.If you are currently interested in this team, find out the predictions of its football matches on the sports statistics website. As for Saviola, unfortunately, later on, at the adult level, he was not able to fully demonstrate his strong qualities. Javier often lacked stability and confidence in his abilities.

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