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ICC Women World Cup qualifiers: Zimbabwe captain, Musonda’s insight onto tournament


As Zimbabwe readies to open the tournament in group A encounter against Kenya tomorrow on December 9, 2023, at Entebbe Cricket Oval.

In the lead-up to the ICC Women’s World Cup Africa Qualifiers, the weight of expectations looms large for Mary Anne Musonda, the captain of Zimbabwe’s cricket team.

Amidst fervent discussions from fans and media pundits, Musonda faces mounting pressure, accentuated by comparisons to the men’s team’s recent setback against the Uganda Cricket Cranes in Namibia at the ICC Men’sT20 World Cup qualifiers.

However, Musonda clarifies the stark differences between the men’s and women’s qualifiers, emphasizing that while events might seem parallel, they’re distinctly separate in nature. Undeterred by external noise, Musonda’s focus remains resolutely on steering her team to global qualification.

Musonda at the Captain’s run.

Drawing strength from experienced players like Modester Mupachikwa, Ashley Ndiraya, Chipo Tiripano and Precious Marange.
Musonda is determined to harness their expertise to propel her team towards success.

Despite not having played at Entebbe Cricket Oval, her six-year captaincy tenure and familiarity with Ugandan conditions imbue her with confidence.

Expressing a personal dislike for washed-out games, Musonda finds reassurance in the quick drying of the Entebbe outfield.

Her optimism for the tournament is palpable, underlining a hopeful outlook that transcends the lack of prior play at this specific venue.

Zimbabwe’s team boasts a history of participation in global qualifiers, a testament to their resilience and skill.

Musonda remains steadfast in her determination to replicate these achievements, aspiring to secure their ticket to the global stage once more.

In essence, Musonda’s insights offer a glimpse into her leadership philosophy—a blend of experience, adaptability, and an unyielding resolve to guide her team through the trials of high-stakes cricket.

As Zimbabwe sets its sights on this pivotal tournament, Musonda’s vision and unwavering optimism stand as guiding beacons for her team’s journey ahead starting with tomorrow’s game.

Esther Wachira, Kenya’s captain, on the other hand stresses the value of basics that aided prior success in the division two qualifiers. Making a comeback after years, their approach remains straightforward: perform their best for a definitive outcome.

Wachira at the Captain’s run.

The team embraces new talents alongside experienced players like Able Queentor, familiar with Uganda and the Entebbe Cricket Oval.

Bolstered by Queentor’s commendable display at division two qualifiers, Kenya anticipates leaving a mark at the tournament’s conclusion.

Still in group A, Tanzania and Botswana will face off tomorrow afternoon, while hosts Uganda will kick off their campaign against Rwanda on Sunday.

Full fixtures.

Saturday, December 9th:

09:30: Zimbabwe vs Kenya
13:50: Tanzania vs Botswana

Sunday, December 10th:

09:30: Namibia vs Nigeria
13:50: Rwanda vs Uganda

Monday, December 11th:

09:30: Kenya vs Tanzania
13:50: Botswana vs Zimbabwe

Tuesday, December 12th:

09:30: Nigeria vs Rwanda
13:50: Uganda vs Namibia

Wednesday, December 13th:

09:30: Kenya vs Botswana
13:50: Zimbabwe vs Tanzania

Thursday, December 14th:

09:30: Namibia vs Rwanda
13:50: Uganda vs Nigeria

Saturday, December 16th:

09:30: Semifinal 1 – A1 vs B2
13:50: Semifinal 2 – B1 vs A2

Sunday, December 17th – Finals:

09:30: 3rd/4th Playoff Final – Loser Semifinal 1 vs Loser Semifinal 2
13:50: Final – Winner Semifinal 1 vs Winner Semifinal 2

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