Follow the rules and regulations – Kalule


ULF President Hussein Kalule calls on Ludo players in Wakiso District to follow the rules and regulations

On Sunday , The Wakiso District Ludo Association headed by its Chairman Mukusa Mike who also serves as the Vice President of The Uganda Ludo Federation chaired a meeting at Kazo community Stadium.

Club officials, players , referees from Wakiso district were in attendance to see how they can cub the growing vices in the game of Ludo.

It was during this meeting that ULF President Hussein Kalule called on Ludo players in Wakiso District to follow the rules and regulations that govern the game of Ludo in Uganda.

“I have received alot of reports from security officials that Wakiso is at the epitome of bleaching the rules and regulations.

Ludo is a game that is played by many people in Wakiso and it’s our mandate as the federation to ensure that people abid to the rules .

In the next 10 days , we are going to work in conjunction with the authorities to implement the rules and regulations. He added.

“Many of clubs in Wakiso have been playing without our licenses but we have given them 10 days to ensure they have certificates of registration and all their players have identity cards “

The authorities were represented by Giso Wakiso Mutumba Faroq and sergeant Birungi Silver who promised to take action as soon as possible.

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