Buganda’s petition dismissed as CDP declares Waibi eligible

| David Isabirye

Buganda province lost a petition against Bukedi province for the use of an ineligible player as per the final ruling of the FUFA competitions disciplinary committee.

Buganda filed a petition accusing Bukedi of using an ineligible player during their 4-2 loss in the FUFA Drum group A quarterfinals.

The Bukedi team starting lineup against Buganda in which the contested player Yeseri Waibi featured. | Courtesy David Isabirye

In the statement, Buganda the player in question, Yeseri Waibi who featured for Bukedi in this edition had featured for Busoga province in the preceding edition on 24th February 2018 when they defeated Bugisu 3-0 which is a violation of the FUFA Drum competition rules and regulations.

Article 19(2) of the FUFA Competitions rules establishes that.

Players shall only be considered as FUFA Licensed for a season upon being validated by FUFA on the FUFA Football Connect electronic registration system and issued a FUFA licence or when their licence and registration forms are signed and stamped by FUFA for that season.

While Article E (2) of The FUFA Drum Rules & Regulations establishes that,

The FUFA Competitions Committee will issue a one-time Identity called the FUFA Province Identity (FPI) that will always be used as the License for each player.

The FUFA CPD during its procedure to the decision found that,

  1. Yeseri Waibi was listed on the match form for Busoga Province against Bugisu on 24th February 2018.
  2. Yeseri Waibi is a duly licensed player for Bukedi Province in accordance with Article 19 of the FUFA Competiton rules and Article E(2) of the FUFA Drum Rules.

As a result, the CDP declared Yeseri Waibi an eligible player for Bukedi Province and subsequently dismissing Buganda Province’s petition.

Edwin Waiswa

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