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All set for the 2023 Masaza Cup final

All set for the 2023 Masaza Cup final

By Jeremiah Mugalu
The other stages of this year’s Masaza Cup football season might have ended, but there is still a final to play in at the fag end of the 18th edition.

Bulemeezi and Gomba will be facing each other in the final of the 2023 Masaza Cup on Saturday, 28th October, at Muteesa II Stadium in Wankulukuku. 

Masaza Cup is a major cup and the oldest county football competition in the country. A lot of fans are anticipating this years’ final to be a great one, with the additional fuel being the confirmed presence of the Kabaka of Buganda at the final.

With a trophy on the line this Saturday, both Bulemeezi and Gomba will be playing their best football not for anything less than glory. The five-time record Champions, Gomba are expected to play in search of some semblance of honour to an under-par season.

Despite the success they hold over the years, the Lions haven’t been the same team since winning the trophy back 2020, failing to put up a proper performance in the previous edition with hope that this can be a turning point.

With the help of their stars this season like Kenneth Kimera and Oyirwoth Allan who have led the side scoring four goals, Gomba clearly look to have an edge in their the final after comfortably winning their semifinal tie on a 4-1 on aggregate against Buddu.

However, coming into this game, their Head coach Felix Ssekabuza will not be on the touchline due to card accumulation for the record champions and so will their custodian captain Tony Atugonza.

On the other hand, two time Champions, Bulemeezi will also be fighting for their third Masaza Cup trophy in the history of the competition.

The Luweero side reached this stage after they edged Mawokota 6-5 on penalties at the semifinals at the Kasana Play ground in Luweero.

This time round Bulemeezi will look at players like Opio David and Ssenyonga Johnson to wear their scoring boots on the day to help take the team get the ball over the line.

Gomba will be contesting in their ninth Cup final after winning five (5) and losing out on two(3) while for Bulemeezi it will their fourth having played three (3) and won two (2).

Before the Final, we shall witness a third place play-off between Mawokota and Buddu which will kick off at exactly 11am .

A head of the games, the Chairman of the Masaza Cup organizing committee Sulaiman Ssejjengo talked to the press on Thursday and confirmed this edition’s theme and sitting arrangement;

“On Saturday here (Muteesa II Stadium), we are going to be concluding this prestigious tournament that started on the 24th June”

“We have prepared for all Kabaka’s people from 18 counties and guests from the different parts of the world.”

“For the above reason, we have patnered with different security organs and there you will see the Police do it’s job like wise the Military”

“More preparation has been made on the movement of the different people just it has been made on the players side.”

“We the four counties are coming to compete but the bigger picture will be coming together to show togetherness and Unity as Buganda.”

“I would like to show that the future of Buganda is in these Youth playing football today as we give a hand to the King in the fight against HIV AIDs.”

“So we are asking everyone from the 18 counties to please come to Wankulukuku on Saturday as we also help the cause.”

On the sitting arrangement:

“We wouldn’t like to have conflicts on that day due to sitting arrangements on the day so we decided that the away sides(Buddu and Gomba) will sit  on the right side of the pavilion while the home side( Bulemeezi and Mawokota) will sit on the left side.”

“For those with the VIP cards, they will use the middle gate and settle next to the Pavilion.”

Gates will be open at 2023 Masaza Cup Finals will be open by 8 am with Ordinary tickets going for UGX 20,000 and VIP UGX 50,000.

All Masaza Cup Winners

  • 2022 – Busiro
  • 2021 – Buddu
  • 2020 – Gomba
  • 2019 – Bulemeezi
  • 2018 – Singo
  • 2017 – Gomba
  • 2016 – Buddu
  • 2015 – Singo
  • 2014 – Gomba
  • 2013 – Mawokota
  • 2012 – Bulemeezi
  • 2011 – Buluri
  • 2010 – Not Held
  • 2009 – Gomba
  • 2008 – Kyadondo
  • 2007 – Mawokota
  • 2006 – Kooki
  • 2005 – Mawokota
  • 2004 – Gomba

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