Worst transfers in English Premier League: Mauro Zárate


It is not only the big teams that make unsuccessful signings. Often modest clubs also make misfires in the transfer market. In the English Premier League this situation is quite common. By the way, https://www.1xBet.ug covers all matches from the world of this championship.

Mauro Zárate is usually listed among the most dubious transfers in the history of the English Premier League. His period of playing for “KPR” was particularly disappointing. The Argentine joined this team during the 2014/2015 season. Then the club had the obvious task of retaining its place in the elite. By the way, on 1xBet you can follow the current success of “KPR”.

As for Zárate, the player was certainly talented. He proved it best during his time at “Lazio”. However, the Argentine often lacked perseverance, diligence, hard work. Because of this, he “dissolved” on the field and was absolutely useless.

By the way, on 1xBet.ug/live – best live betting is available for “KPR ” matches. As part of this team, the Argentine expectedly failed. There were only 4 matches in the English league, where he could not show any results. 

According to the results of the season 2014/2015, “KPR” took the last place in the standings. The failure of the Argentine forward was one of the reasons for this. He did not play for the team anymore. And if “KPR” is interesting to you even now, then do the best live betting at 1xBet. All the confrontations with the team are covered here.

The main reasons for the unsuccessful play of the forward

Zaraté got into the team at a bad time. “KPR” was clearly on the decline. Therefore, the Argentine, who is very dependent on partners, was also unable to help the club in any way. It is easy to follow his successes now in a reliable office. All best slots ug on 1xBet are also available to you. You can enjoy them around the clock.

Returning to the figure of Zaraté, we can note the main reasons for his failed performance:

  1. Lack of understanding with other partners. Because of this, the player looked alien on the field. His actions were useless.
  2. Problems with his motivation. The player didn’t want to give 100%. Naturally, the coaching staff didn’t like it. That’s why Harry Redknapp let him out in only four games. And the Argentine did not play a single match in full.
  3. Injuries. The forward was constantly in pain and could not fully demonstrate his strong qualities.

As a result, Mauro left the team and “KPR” was left out of the English Premier League for a long time. It is still easy to watch this championship in a reliable office. Also, all the best slots ug are available to you on 1xBet. Among the variety of available games, it is not difficult to find developments that please you with a fascinating storyline and realistic chances to win.

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