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We shall put up a computer system – Muhangi


Matovu Ukasha cleared the floor as he undoubtedly beat Simon Sande in the fight which headlined week six of Uganda Boxing Champions League match at Club Obligato on Saturday.

With lots of words said before the fight, Ukasha was left with thirst just like Sande to show who is who, this was Welterweight contest and was lifted by Ukasha by a 5-0 unanimous decision.

Sande was way off the mark throwing a number of elbows and few consistent punches helping Ukasha dominate with jabs in the stomach and head with intent to score points.

Despite Sande’s keeping Ukasha uncomfortable in the last exchanges it didn’t take away Ukasha’s sight on the prize.

After the game, Ukasha wasn’t shy to let the media know how easy the fight was for him;

“The fight hasn’t been hard since the target is even Cameroon and Yaounde is just the start since I would love to be at the Olympics “ he said

“I want to advice Sande to go and study a referee course since he understands how to make the decisions more than the playing bit” he added

“Today I saw that I have to improve on my scoring, currently my goals are quite many but it’s just start. out.” he concluded

Regarding this same fight, there were are number of claims from Sande’s camp that he had to win some of the rounds and didn’t accept the result.

As an International Technical Officer (ITO) of boxing in East and Central Africa, the President of the Uganda Boxing Federation and Moses Muhangi came out to clarify on the fight scoring saying;

“Many fans may not understand some decisions made in boxing but mainly while talking the Sande – Ukasha fight, it was competitive but when judges announced they declared 5-0 in favor of Ukasha”

“So someone may wonder how Sande didn’t get a point. In the ruling part I want to clarify that 5-0 doesn’t mean the boxer didn’t get a point it means that the judges were five and all of them declared Ukasha the Champion in the final result.”

“But if u go into the details, you can find that it was so competitive round by round with a (10-9), (10-8) per round the 10 ending up
in one corner.”

“But you can also get a 4-1, 3-2 final result depending on how the different referees have seen it and how close it has been”

“In the time to come, if we have the capacity, we shall put up a computer system so that you can see what every judge has scored per round before announcing the final result.”

“We shall trying to teach this and will also try to ask our MCee’s during the boxing events to try to teach this more to our fans and am happy Ugandans are now concerned” he concluded

Uganda Boxing Champions League: Sande- Ukasha fight to headline week six

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