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Water Falls T20 Women Elite League: Excitement Peaks as second edition nears bowl-off


Anticipation surrounds the imminent commencement of the Women’s T20 Elite League, scheduled to unfold from February 1st to 4th, 2024, captivating cricket enthusiasts at the iconic Lugogo Cricket Oval.

A prolonged hiatus since the last cricket action at this esteemed venue has left fans eagerly awaiting the tournament, which promises to showcase the nation’s cricket elite.

This invitational event brings together a diverse array of talent, blending local prowess with international flair across three formidable teams: Itanda Kayakers, Sipi Trekkers, and Bujjagali Rafters.

The recently revealed squads underscore the tournament’s competitive spirit, featuring seasoned players from Uganda, as well as esteemed international additions such as Eseigbe Favour, Etim Sarah, and Lucky Piety Ebosetale from Nigeria, Immaculate Muhawenimana and Josiane Nyirakundeneza from Rwanda, and Lavender Idhambo plus Faith Kiara Muthoni from Kenya.

Leadership takes center stage with Janet Mbabazi, last year’s triumphant captain, once again steering Sipi Falls, while Consy Aweko Nimungu and Rita Musamali command Bujjagali Rafters and Itanda Kayakers, respectively.

Under the seasoned guidance of coach Ivan Kakande and the astute management of Lelia Ondeko, Sipi Trekkers are poised for excellence in the upcoming Women’s T20 Elite League.

Meanwhile, Itanda Kayakers will draw inspiration from the coaching prowess of Habibu Mugalula, complemented by the managerial finesse of Cissy Musiime.

Fans at Lugogo who came to witness the final showdown.

Adding to the strategic orchestration, Bujjagali Rafters will be under the tutelage of Lawrence Ssempija, with Sherry Pearl Kutaka at the helm of their management, ensuring a harmonious blend of expertise and leadership across the league’s dynamic coaching and management landscape.

Recalling the intensity of the previous edition, Sipi Trekkers emerged victorious against Itanda Kayakers in a gripping clash.

The upcoming opening match on February 1st, pitting defending champions Sipi Trekkers against Itanda Kayakers, promises to reignite the thrill.

Last year’s Player of the Match, Janet Mbabazi, led Sipi with finesse, underscoring the crucial role leadership played in their success.

As the countdown to this year’s edition accelerates, the clash between Sipi Trekkers and Itanda Kayakers at 9:00 AM, followed by the Bujjagali Rafters facing Sipi Trekkers at 2:00 PM on the opening day, sets the stage for a riveting tournament that is poised to captivate cricket enthusiasts and elevate the Women’s T20 Elite League to new heights.

A proficient team of nine umpires has been selected to officiate the tournament, notably including three umpires with prior experience in ICC tournaments.

Additionally, a distinguished guest umpire from Nigeria has been enlisted, further enhancing the international flavor and expertise that will contribute to the smooth conduct of the event.

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