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Soroti City Cricket Club eyes promotion in semifinal clash against JACC


Soroti City Cricket Club (SCCC) is on the brink of a significant milestone as they face Jinja Association Cricket Club (JACC) in the Division Two semifinal tomorrow.

This crucial match at Jinja SS Cricket Oval will determine if Soroti City secures a promotion to Division One.

The Journey So Far

The group stages, played as T20 double headers, saw Soroti City finish second in Group A with 13 points, showcasing resilience and skill.

JACC, undefeated in Group B, secured 12 points.

Despite a strong showing, Soroti City aims to avenge their sole group stage defeat and capitalize on their recent victory against SKLPS in a double header on March 10, 2024.

Semifinal Showdown

The semifinals are a single 50-over match, adding a layer of endurance and strategy to the game.

Soroti City is determined to finish their campaign on a high note.

The team has been training rigorously, and with thousands of supporters rallying behind them, they are prepared for an intense and spirited performance.

Captain Ronald Ebulu expressed the team’s determination: “We’re not a team that’s easily discouraged.

It’s in our DNA to defy the odds; this match is no different.

We’re resolute in our determination to showcase our fighting spirit and give it our all, with the hope that our fans will stand with us, united in our unwavering passion for the game and in the end we will go to division one.”

Richard Oluka, President of the Soroti Cricket Academy fans, echoed this sentiment: “Let’s come together in our unwavering support, infuse the Jinja SS oval with our collective energy, and showcase to the world the indomitable strength of the products of our academy.

In unison, we can ensure the semifinal game of the campaign culminates in a resounding victory

Game Day Anticipation

As Soroti City heads to Jinja, fans should brace themselves for a thrilling encounter.

Expect SCCC’s formidable bowling, to dominate the game.

The batting order is also poised to deliver spectacular performances.

Supporters are encouraged to wear their Soroti Cricket Academy outfits, march to Jinja SS Oval, and create an electrifying atmosphere.

With unwavering determination and the backing of their loyal supporters, Soroti City Cricket Club aims to achieve their promotion dream and end the season with a resounding victory.

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