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Nine years of individual brilliance at Soroti Cricket Academy


In commemorating 9 years of unparalleled excellence, Soroti Cricket Academy reflects on a decade marked by individual brilliance and outstanding achievements within the realm of cricket.

The journey has been illuminated by remarkable accolades earned by talented players, spotlighting not only personal triumphs but also the Academy’s dedication to nurturing exceptional talent.

The story of dominance began in 2019 at the Kwibuka Memorial, where a constellation of remarkable achievements adorned the club’s legacy.

Apio Joyce Mary’s exceptional bowling skills resonated with cricket enthusiasts, earning her the esteemed title of Best Bowler.

Additionally, Iloku Esther’s consistent excellence for Olila HS and Olila Cricket Club secured her the coveted Player of Series award during the National Girls Schools Cricket week.

The following year, during the U19 Bilateral Series with Tanzania, Iloku Esther’s exceptional performance once again shone bright, elevating her to the esteemed position of Player of the Series.

Alako Proscovia’s batting mastery further contributed significantly to Olila HS and Olila Cricket Club’s triumphs, earning her the title of Best Batsman.

Alako receiving best batter award for the womens league in 2019.

The Academy’s reign persisted after the lockdown in 2022, with the National Girls Cricket Week witnessing Jimia Mohammad’s consistent batting brilliance and Amuge Kevin’s remarkable bowling skills contributing to Olila H.S and Olila Cricket Club’s continued success.

The versatile Jimia Mohammad also excelled as a wicketkeeper, showcasing her all-round talent.

In 2023, post the rebranding of Soroti Blazers and Soroti Challengers Cricket Clubs to Soroti City Cricket Club, the tradition of individual excellence endured.

Amongin Naome from Olila H.S and Alako Proscovia from Masaka SS stood out as the Most Valuable Players in the National T20 League Ladies and National Girls Cricket Week, respectively.

Jimia Mohammad’s exceptional batting skills were a constant asset for Olila H.S and Olila CC, while Timong Patricia’s outstanding bowling expertise represented Light SS and Soroti City CC with finesse and the won Best Batsman and Best Bowler respectively at the Annual Girls schools cricket week which was was hosted at St Mary’s girls School Madera in Soroti City.

The saga of achievements continued as Malinga Jacob from Teso College showcased impressive batting skills during the National Boys Secondary Schools Cricket, further underscoring the Academy’s commitment to nurturing budding talent.

Malinga Jacob after winning the best batsmen award in Jinja, with Chairman Felix Musana.

This decade-long journey of cricketing excellence at Soroti Cricket Academy stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication, talent, and relentless pursuit of individual brilliance within the sport.

As the club continues to foster a culture of excellence, it remains a beacon for aspiring cricketers, igniting the path towards future triumphs in the world of cricket.

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