NCS withdraws Uganda Netball Federation Certificate of recognition


By Martin Mugambi
The National Council of Sports has withdrawn the Certificate of Recognition from the Uganda Netball Federation (UNF). 

This has been confirmed through an official statement released by NCS today 25th October 2023 hinging the decision to persistent governance and leadership challenges in the Federation.

The decision has resulted from an NCS Board meeting held on the same day citing different reasons like failure to disclose sources of funding to NCS and different bank accounts opened by the federation without informing NCS which claims that the federation used forged and unauthorized documents to open these accounts.

This however doesn’t come as a big shock to many after back and forth altercations between these two parties that at some point needed intervention of the minister of sports and Education Janet Kataha Museveni who is also the first Lady. 

The National Council of Sports withdrew the certificate through a letter, reacting to Hon. Sarah Babirye Kityo the UNF president ‘forcefully’ coming back to her office after the end of a forced leave she had been subjected to.

This means that it will be a sport that won’t be recognized by the Government of Uganda just Kick boxing.

Sadly for the lovers of netball, this comes after the most Successful days ever in Ugandan Netball. 

The Uganda Women National team emerged as Africa’s best team after a 5th place finish in the recently concluded Netball World Cup held in SouthAfrica.

A day before, the Uganda Netball Federation Executive Committee drags NCS in courts of law just before they (NCS) as a body were intending to withdraw UNF certificate of operation.

But will all done, National Council of Sports were serviced and asked not to do anything concerning Netball.

The biggest scare for the game now is an international suspension from the global governing body of World Netball.

However in a video released on the 24th October 2023, acting President Brigadier Flavia Byekwaso confirmed that the team will be participating in the Africa Netball Championship but as of the decision taken today, we await to see what next.

More details to follow.

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