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ICCWWCAQ: Aweko clinches back-to-back Player of the Match Accolades


Results 14th December 2023

Namibia Vs Rwanda

20.0 /20 overs

20.0 /20 overs.

Namibia won by 11 runs


Uganda Vs Nigeria

20.0 /20 overs


15.0 /20 overs

Uganda won by 6 wickets

The recent match-winning performance by Consylate Aweko Nimungu as Uganda picked a six wickets victory against Nigeria in the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Africa Qualifiers today has not only contributed to Uganda’s securing the top spot in Group B but has also highlighted her invaluable role as a captain.

Aweko’s exceptional display in securing the Player of the Match award showcased her prowess, particularly with her remarkable bowling figures of 3/16 in four overs.

This stellar performance played a pivotal role in restricting Nigeria to a mere 63 runs, ultimately enabling Uganda to comfortably chase the target within fifteen overs.

Aweko’s consistent dedication and promising leadership have been instrumental in steering Uganda towards potential glory in the ongoing tournament.

Her previous experience in helping the team qualify for global tournaments in 2017 adds weight to her aspiration to lead the team to similar success once again.

Her exemplary leadership qualities, both on and off the field, have significantly contributed to the team’s soaring performance. Aweko’s adherence to the team’s strategic plans and her commendable role in achieving victories have been pivotal.

Her statement about sticking to their game plan and securing a spot in the semifinals exhibits her confidence and determination.

Acknowledging Tanzania as a formidable opponent, Aweko remains optimistic about Uganda’s prospects, expressing certainty in their ability to achieve a favorable outcome.

Despite the challenges posed by facing the second-ranked team from Group A in the semifinals, Aweko emphasizes the team’s commitment to maintaining their momentum and ensuring advancement in the tournament.

Furthermore, Aweko’s exceptional performance in the tournament is highlighted by her consecutive Player of the Match awards and her leading position in the bowling statistics table, boasting 7 wickets in 12 overs with an impressive economy rate of 3.58 and an average of 6.14.

The upcoming semifinal clash against Tanzania holds significant importance, especially considering Uganda’s previous victory over them during the Victoria series earlier in the year.

However, Aweko refrains from making definitive predictions about the outcome of the upcoming match, leaving it open to the anticipation and excitement that surrounds such competitive events.

As the tournament takes a pause before the semifinals, the stage is set for an East African Derby between Uganda and Tanzania, promising an enthralling encounter.

Simultaneously, the other semifinal will witness a South African derby as Zimbabwe and Namibia face off, adding further intensity and excitement to the tournament’s next phase.

Author’s Insight- Ivan Sajjabi

Ahead of Uganda’s pivotal semifinal clash, it’s essential to delve into some key insights that could shape the outcome of the game.

While Uganda holds the 18th spot in the ICC rankings, Tanzania stands at 20th, positioning Uganda as the favorites.

This ranking disparity underscores Uganda’s favorable standing, adding pressure but also setting expectations high.

In the tournament thus far, Uganda has won the toss consistently in their initial three games.

Given their comfort as a chasing side, securing the toss again and hoping for Tanzania to bat first could play into Uganda’s strengths.

The strategy would revolve around limiting Tanzania’s runs as much as possible, setting up a manageable target for an easier chase.

However, Uganda needs to amplify their batting intensity, having chased down 63 runs in 15 overs showcased their slow attacking approach, a more aggressive batting approach might be necessary, especially against stronger opponents in the latter stages of the tournament.

Uganda batting against Nigeria in the second innings.

Another crucial aspect to address is Uganda’s fielding, as they have experienced a few dropped catches across their three games.

To counter the explosive batting potential of Tanzania, particularly players like Fatuma Omary Kibasu, Uganda must tighten their fielding to avoid offering any chances to their opponents.

The significance of the game happening on the weekend should not be overlooked. A strong presence of passionate fans could serve as a driving force for Uganda, elevating their performance and morale as they strive for glory on the field.

In the midst of this anticipation and preparation for the game, the rallying cry of #JanguNeMuno symbolizes a call to action, urging fans and supporters to join in and be part of this crucial encounter.

Fans at the Entebbe Cricket Oval in support of the Victoria Pearls.

As Uganda gears up for this high-stakes match, the convergence of these strategic elements—toss advantage, batting intensity, fielding precision, and the power of a supportive fan base—will be instrumental in steering Uganda towards their goal of securing victory and advancing in the tournament.

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