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ICC Women T20 Africa World Cup Qualifiers: Two Ugandan umpires to officiate at the tournament


The upcoming ICC Women’s T20 Africa World Cup qualifiers are poised to witness the participation of two esteemed Ugandan umpires, Patrick Makumbi Musoke and Simon Kintu.

Their inclusion represents years of dedication and progression within the realm of cricket officiating.

Patrick Makumbi Musoke’s umpiring journey spans an impressive 19 years, evolving from grassroots tournaments to global cricketing events.

His narrative began in the early 2000s, engaging in local leagues and school tournaments, igniting his passion and commitment.

A pivotal milestone in 2010, attending the ICC Umpires’ Seminar in Johannesburg, paved the way for his expansion into various ICC regional events.

The subsequent years saw Makumbi officiating in significant competitions, including World Cup qualifiers, ICC Women’s World Cup events, and Africa T20 championships, fostering his expertise and enriching his mentorship roles.

Makumbi Patrick with his son and daughter.

Simon Kintu, with a 15-year umpiring career, embarked on his journey in 2008, initially within the National League and local events. However, it was the ICC East Africa Regional Boys’ U15 tournament in 2010 that signaled a turning point.

Simon Kintu during the Elite league

Progressing through Takashinga Uganda Series, Kwibuka Tournament, and diverse bilateral series, Kintu’s growth culminated in his involvement in the ICC Men’s T20 Africa Qualifier in 2021 and subsequently he participated in another ICC tournament in 2022, highlighting his dedication and continuous learning as an umpire.

Simon Kintu in Kigali for the ICC World Cup qualifiers.

Both Simon and Patrick have served as umpire convenors in Uganda and their remarkable journeys reflect an unwavering commitment to the craft, where each milestone and experience added depth and nuance to their roles as umpires.

Moreover, Makumbi’s recent involvement in the under 19 World Cup qualifiers in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania early this year, and Kintu’s diverse experiences across different tournaments further underscore their prowess and dedication.

Makumbi Patrick in Dar es Salaam for the U-19 Boys World Cup qualifiers.

Notably, alongside Makumbi and Kintu, a distinguished group of umpires will join the team; Nimali Pereira from Sri Lanka
Dedunu De Silva from Sri Lanka, Percival Sizara from Zimbabwe, Claus Schumacher from Namibia, Enesi Habib from Nigeria
And Zimbabwean, Owen Chirombe will take charge as the match refree.

As the ICC Women’s T20 Africa World Cup qualifiers approach, these narratives of resilience, growth, and dedication embodied by Makumbi Musoke and Simon Kintu stand as a testament to their commendable contributions to cricket umpiring, elevating the standards of the sport within Uganda and beyond and everyone anticipates effective representation and pride to the homeland.

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