Hiannick Kamba: Congolese defender found alive 4 years later after being pronounced dead


Hiannick Kamba, a Congolese national and former right-back for Germany Bundesliga side Shalke 04 has been found alive and well 4 years after he was pronounced dead in a car crash in July 2016.

VfB Huls, an eighth-tier club in Germany announced that the former Schalke 04 youth player had passed on in a tragic accident in his native country. But today Kamba has been found alive in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.


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While talking to Germany’s online tabloid Bild.de, Kamba, now 33, stated that

His companions had left him during the night while on a trip to the interior of the Congo in January 2016 and they had gone with his papers, money, and telephone.

Prosecutors have now launched investigations on Kamba’s ex-wife who is said to have collected six-figure life insurance for Kamba’s supposed death for the past 4 years – she’s being accused of fraud.

Anette Milk, the prosecutor in Kamba’s ex-wife case says, the ex-wife whose names were not disclosed claims that she realized that she was eligible for life insurance payout after the news broke and presented documents to the insurance company to prove his death.

Kamba will be named as a witness in the investigation of this case.

Kamba, who returned to Germany in 2018, is now working as a chemical technician for an energy supply company.

Ronald Yiga
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