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FUFA WSL: How is the change in game time of the League affecting the different women clubs?


On Wednesday 21st September, FUFA put up a letter to change the general kick-off times of the FUFA Women Super League from 4pm in the evening to 10 am in the morning.

Different clubs are to be affected most especially those of schools and Universities who have a designed program for the school or institution in place.

In the words of Hon. Florence Nakiwala Kiyinji she stated that this action was brought up to bring more sponsors so that these teams can start getting some money as it grows she also continued and said that Government had already started to give some money towards these girls as their lobbing effort.

To the dislike of many, a lot of Club CEO’s got the communication through WhatsApp groups before it arrived in their email inboxes and Rines SS CEO Daniel Masembe Nteyafa

During a chat, with the Rines SS CEO Mr Daniel Masembe Nteyafa. Unhappy Masembe came out to say something about his dissatisfaction towards FUFA, Hon Florence Nakiwala Kiyinji ‘a statement on the issue and the Uganda Women Football Association,

On how it affects the girls in schools he said that;

“The girls have to go for morning preps that end at 7, go for breakfast and then go back to class at 8 am like the way the school program flows  and this looks like you have they have taken away all this.”

“On a Sunday, all these schools have a programs and these girls have to be taught more about God so they have to go to the Chapel at that time as a school and after the candidates will have to do weekend tests since they are getting ready for UNEB.”

“If it was slated for evening, it would be okay since the child would first go for her facilitation and discussion and go for games in the evening like all these children always do but they will be deprived of time for their personal work, time with their mates and school activities yet its the schools that facilitate them.”

“There is no day the football federation has called us and we refused to come, we have never refused to meet the federation but we have a general problem in Africa that is called Power. When a person has he or she feels that everything is theirs and the federation is no different.”

“They see the football as theirs because they will tell you that you signed a compliance form as Clubs before the league started which is true as a requirement for club licensing that we have to comply with fufa rules but this same power they have is too much and feel they can do anything either they inform the Clubs or not.”

“I was reading this statement because most of the time we get communication from the FUFA competition on our emails but this time I first saw it on different WhatsApp platforms and had to ask myself what was going on and later it was sent by the CEO Mr Edgar Watson onto the Club emails.”

“Now we as Clubs want to hold our meeting, get a collective voice and write to FUFA so that we can tell them what we have decided on their changes after agreeing as Clubs”

On the Honourable ‘s statement Masembe came out to express his surprise to his statement saying;

“I don’t know they started giving us some money and who did they give it to? Because as far as I know as a club we haven’t yet got our share  since if it was lobbed by the minister it had to go straight to the club and our accounts will have already been happy.”

About the Honourable minister talking about bringing in sponsors because of TV.

“I want to ask who will watch these games since 10am is working time, and sponsors want fans, I have looked for sponsors to inject money into Rines SS but the first question is always how many fans come to watch on Matchdays? Whenever I offer unsatisfying numbers, no one injects his money for example when a sponsor sells drinks of course he know fans will get thirsty on GameDay so this game will be showed on TV with an empty stadium?”

“At 10am, People are still in their offices, others in their garden like those from our place in Namuseera so by the time they leave these places at 3pm to head to Kabaka Kyabaggu it’s 4pm in time for the game so am still asking which fans will attract sponsors since a sponsor doesn’t just like TV for example during the Uganda Martyrs game you would just see students but is it what a sponsor wants?”

When asked about he would to see in this situation he concluded by saying;

“I would like to see the role Uganda Women’s Football Association since  have never seen them coming out to say anything in the preparation of Women football, no even a statement put out from the Association yet they are the ones who have to bridge the gap between us and the federation because we are not directs members of the federation like the men’s side so we become members through the UWFA which is different with the UPL men’s teams who are direct members.”

“This association has never come out to meet us as Clubs and am asking myself why they are quiet? And on that note am requesting them to come out so that we can send out information through them.”

Rines SS lost their first game away to Uganda Martyrs 2-0 after first half goals from Kevin Nakacwa and Brenda Munyana.

The league will resume at the weekend as Rines SS play host to UCU lady Cardinals at the Kabaka Kyabaggu Stadium, Wakiso.

Above all the talk, the question will be are the teams ready to play their games in the morning 10 am as suggested by the FUFA?

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