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Emotions drift during dinner as Mugerwa threatens not to renew contract


The Uganda Netball national team, She Cranes and their fans returned home from the Netball World Cup on Monday evening amidst at most love.

Upon arrival they went straight to Kampala Serena hotel where they were treated to a welcome dinner that attracted lots of respected people from the federation and outside.

These included the two presidents who are currently trying to settle the fire in between them in Sarah Babirye Kityo(elected) and Brig. Flavia Byekwaso(acting) just like it was at the Flagg off.

However with different happy speeches that were shared on the evening, there came a twist as the She Cranes coach, Fred Mugerwa came out with a bitter one as he also threatened not to renew his contract saying;

“Right now we won but if we lost all the blame would be on me People started blaming me because I selected players who I thought to me personally who I thought would do the work which indeed they did”

“So my humble request is that I will forgive them but next time instead of abusing these girls, encourage them to continue playing so that maybe we can achieve our goals.”

“Secondly, people have been abusing I and the players am sorry to be telling you this but it hurts me a person of my age.”

“I was one-time accused of sexually harassing these girls but no one has ever come out with proof .”

“The job am doing, the person who appointed me did that through an interview where I proved that I was the best person to handle the team.”

“I handled the team, we went to Namibia did well, people talked, people fought me but still continued working”

“2022 went for commonwealth, still same people fighting up to now. I have never received any cent from the Uganda Netball Federation except the shs. 500,000 I got from Namibia in the Whole two years have been coach of She Cranes.”

“But when I go to social media blames, blames and abuse, I have a family, grand children, have people but they see me being abused .”

“But to me all I have to say is enough is enough and this maybe is a nice audience to say that I may not be able to renew my contract and it’s on a bitter note.”

“If I was paid and abused I would say maybe it’s okay but am just a volunteer by the coaches and some press people but I will all to God and has helped me achieve.” He concluded 

In reply to what he said, acting President Brig. Flavia Byekwaso came out with a statement of confidence;

“Coach many people talk but don’t mind them you are our coach.”

All this was mentioned in absence of the elected Federation President Sarah Babirye Kityo who was preparing to leave and go rest.

She Cranes finished fifth(5th) in the 2023 Netball WorldCup and automatically number one on the African continent something that will give Ugandans a reason to brag.

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