Cricket is like a life experience – Favour Eseigbe


When you talk about sport in the Western part of Africa Football comes up on the fore front with the history that surrounds countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and Cameroon.

However when you hear about Nigeria, music and football might take the top spots but Cricket as a sport will not be far away.

Nigeria Cricket is one of those sports that have grown over the years. It is governed by the Nigeria Cricket Federation (NCF) with the current headquarters is in Abuja.

In Nigeria, Cricket has been played since the late 19th century, with the national team tossing off their first match in 1904, when a team representing the Lagos state played the Gold Coast colony.

The Nigeria Cricket Federation has been an associate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) since 2002, something that is of helping hand to many Cricket nations in Africa.

Most of the time, attention is laid onto the men but this time round we set our eyes on Nigeria Women Cricket Team Vice Captain Eseigbe Favour Omon.

Favour currently plays for the Idia Royals Cricket Club and is Captain in her home country of Nigeria. She is an all rounder, bowler and top order batter.

With mere fact that there are players who keep for the team, so she doesn’t have that responsibility on the team. But she brings great contribution as one of the senior players. She’s also a graduate

As a Touchline sports, we caught up with a Jolly Favour Eseigbe in a brief exclusive Entebbe Cricket Oval during the ICC Africa Women’s T20 World Cup Qualifiers to discuss the highlights of her Cicket journey;

The 21 year old said she started her competitive Cricket career as a teenager in 2018.

Having gone through the ranks, she joined the National team in 2019 making her debut against Rwanda Women where her side won by 4 wickets with 11 balls remaining.

Just like many of her National team teammates, Favour hails from the famous Edo state, “I come from Edo state;  laughs!!”

“A city known for producing majority of the young cricketers” she added

Despite being in the morning stages of her career, Favour too has her best and worst moments going on to say;

“Actually they are many but when Nigeria hosted the Nigeria Cricket Invitationals tournament with countries like Ghana, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Cameroon and won it was very huge and pleasing to me.”

Favour on winning the Series.

Adding that; “My worst moment so far was in December 2022 when the team needed 8 runs to win and I balled four wides in the last over at the National Sports festivals.”

In her conclusion, Favour had some advice to the young Cricketers all around Africa;

“Cricket is like a life experience, no matter how difficult it is, you have to hang in there and keep pushing because it can only get better. So stay focused and never give up.”

With more young talents coming up the ranks like Victory Igbinedion, Lucky Piety, Pecullier Agboya and many others, for Nigeria women Cricket the sky is the limit.

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