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Coaching Tips with City Soccer Academy – Man to man defending

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Starting today, the Touchline Sports will be bringing you football coaching tips from our partnership with City Soccer Academy.

Today’s first article about the coaching tips starts with man-to-man marking in the game of soccer.

Man-to-man marking is a defensive strategy where defenders are assigned an opposition player to mark rather than to cover a specific area of the field.

There is also a more rigid way of ‘man marking’ were each player has the task to chase an opposing player and mark him, following this guy wherever he goes, just to stop the influence he has on the team.

To employ the man-to-man marking strategy, the defending player has to control his aggression, should not make rash tackles.

Man-to-man marking is opposed to the other strategy of Zonal marking were by defenders pick up any opponent who enters a given area on the pitch.

Individual responsibility

All the skills of marking come into play: staying goal-side, keeping close to the player you are marking, trying to intercept passes to or from him, pressuring him when he does get the ball and robbing him of possession whenever you get the chance.

Coach says

  • Always keep goal-side
  • Make a point of anticipating your opponent’s next move.
  • Good interception can help lead to an immediate counter attack for your side.

Stick to the same opponent:
The aim for any defender or midfielder who is man marking his opponent is straightforward: NEVER leave your player’s side. Get yourself between the ball and the goal, and deny him space in which he can turn with the ball or score with it.

If your opponent makes a run, you must cover the movement. This takes maximum concentration, good vision , speed, and determination – as well as a high level of fitness and stamina.

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