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Busoga United: Obwakyabazinga withdraws King from club patron’s role

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Busoga Kingdom has withdrawn the Kyabazinga, William Gabula Nadiope IV from the role of Busoga United FC Patron.

In a letter addressed to the FUFA from the office of the Katuukiro Owek. Joseph Muvawala on 18th June 2020, the kingdom informed the football federation about their decision to withdraw any links with the StarTimes UPL club due to unscrupulous dealings Ms. Hope Dinah Nyago has been involved in recently.

It’s alleged that Ms. Nyago falsely allocated the Club, Busoga united’s shares to the Busoga Kingdom, and the Prime Minister, Dr. Joseph Muvawala in dividends they did not have the consent of.

The Kyabazinga of Busoga Kingdom and Busoga United FC chief Ms. Hope Dinah Nyago shortly after the partnershp that could see Kirinya Jinja SS renamed Busoga United FC | Courtesy photo

According to the letter, the Obwakyabazinga also alleges that their signatures were forged during the allocation of the said shares.

“We have noted with concern that the said Nyago, allocated herself 51% shares of the club and also purportedly allocated Busoga Kingdom and Dr. Joseph Muvawala 2% shares each without their consent and Knowledge”

“The Signatures on the share allotment don’t belong to the representatives of the Busoga Kingdom or Dr. Joseph Muvawala and the same needs to be investigated”

“We have never authorized the said Nyago to allot shares in the same club as has been revealed,” part of the letter read as shared below.

The ObwaKyabazinga’s decision to withdraw the Kyabazinga from his role at the club is aimed at disassociating the Kingdom the dealings which could damage the reputation of the ‘Fountain of Honor’.

The Kingdom also revoked the name “Busoga United” from the club.

We are yet to establish the name the club will be using in the future – could it be Kirinya Jinja SS once again?

Kamardin Shero
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