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2023 Uganda Corporate League: URA emerge as Champions


The 2023 season of the Uganda Corporate League came to an end as Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) emerged as the Champions at the MUBS play ground on Sunday.

URA won two trophies in two different sports disciplines which included Football and Volleyball where they emerged as runners up.

The URA team from all sports disciplines.


In season where rain has had to fall almost every Sunday, this hasn’t stopped all the different companies from coming to represent their companies.

However this has been their biggest challenge since they can not play in a way they would like to because of the muddy and slippery surface during the games.

Having started with the game of football, the committee went on to add more games through out the course of the season. The different games that were added included Netball, Volleyball, Tug Of War, Swimming and Pool.

During the games we caught up with Moses Kaduyu, Manager of URA Corporate League team who emerged Champions in the football, he tried to summarize their season, highlighted the challenges and positives saying;

“Our office is in Nakawa, we came to the corporate League because we wanted to advertise URA as an organization, for those who pay taxes to get to know us as engage with them at all fronts but mainly in the games settings.”

“We have been in these games since February, we have played the games with a purpose so that we can try as much as possible to take the trophy, so far what we have been we have won two trophies from Volleyball as 2nd runners up and football as URA Corporate League.”

“The biggest challenge this season we have found are the playing surfaces most especially when it rain like today we can not execute our playing style and we get delays too. My advice to the League committee is to book good grounds in advance instead of booking a ground because it’s the last alternative for example Namboole or Nakivuubo if opened.”

“For those who haven’t come to the corporate League, you need to because it’s more that games since you also advertise and sell your company and people get to know it.”

“As URA, we bring our van along and people get to know how they pay their taxes, we have done this four the last four editions just Nile Special and all the banking entities” he concluded.

While MUBS was being painted white and yellow, Hotel Africana was getting covered in White and Blue as Harris International through Krystal water after they beat Civil Aviation Authority in the game of Pool.

A representative from CAA(Isaac) playing against another from Harris International.

Right after the games we spoke to Mutu Diana Akello the Chairperson of the Uganda Corporate League who got us up to speed with the activities that have happened throughout the season;

“Am glad we fought post Covid League return and it has been so successful” she started

“We have been having lots of challenges just like we’ve had benefits of returning back the League which I will start with” she added

“As a person from MFCG execution is my passion and I really love showing what my company has got to bring out and it is one thing have always called out companies to do and many have really responded.”

“This year for one to participate NSSF was a must and I know many of the companies have had challenges because of this and next year will come back better.”

“As my term as Chairman is coming to an end, it has really been a challenge because of the post recovery but with the zeal and guts trust me it has come to an end and I look forward to another great year as I leave office.”

On the pitch challenges.

“As League, we are still having a challenge when it comes to a home, this has seen us move from one venue to another which is really so disturbing.”

“I would love to call out on the different sports people, teams, ministers to really come out and help the League with land because we have corporate companies here that really add value as we also call back Parliament on board.”

About the Nile marathon,

“For the Marathon that was supposed to happen this December, it was put on hold because of the royal wedding so now we have to adjust and see how best we can fix it .”

“However all I know that is ready and set is the company dinner come the 19th of December so I call upon the company leaders and different dignitaries to come and celebrate with us.” She concluded

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