2023 FEASSSA GAMES: Two Government Officials flag off team Uganda


Thirty Uganda school teams were flagged off to the 20th edition of the Federation of East Africa Secondary School Association (FEASSSA) at the Lugogo Indoor Stadium in Kampala.

The games will be played in Huye, Rwanda and are set to start on the 17th and climax on 27th August 2023.

The ceremony was graced by the Permanemt Secretary from the Ministry of Education and Sports, Ketty Lamaro and Minister of State for Primary Education Hon. Joyce Moriku Kaducu.

During the flag off pre-speeches, the Permanemt Secretary from the Ministry of Education and Sports, Ketty Lamaro urged the teams to go there and perform;

“Go out there and perform to the best of your abilities ,we will be watching and prayinh for you and praying for you” she stated

Below are the schools to participate in the competition and groups as drawn on Saturday 12th August;

Basketball (5×5)


  • Group A: Uganda 3 (Mbogo Mixed), Uganda 2 (Elite High School, Entebbe), Rwanda 2 (LDK Kigali), Kenya 1, Tanzania 1(Juhudi S.S)
  • Group B: Tanzania 2 (Roleto S.S), Rwanda 1 (Ste Bernadette), Kenya 3, Kenya 2, Uganda 1 (Buddo S.S)


  • Group A: Uganda 2 (St Noa Girls S.S), Uganda 3 (Nabisunsa Girls S.S), Tanzania 1 (Rafiki Foundation Secondary), Rwanda 1 (Ste. Bernadette S.S), Kenya 2
  • Group B: Kenya 1, Rwanda 2 (GS Marie Reine), Uganda 1 (St Mary’s Kitende), Tanzania 2 (Orkeeswa Secondary School), Kenya 3

Basketball 3X3:

Boys (7 Teams play round robin):

  • Kenya 1, Kenya 2, Uganda 1 (Hope Secondary School, Nakirebe), Kenya 3, Uganda 2 (Buddo Secondary School), Uganda 3 (Seroma Christian High School), Rwanda 1 (ITS Gasabo)


  • Uganda 2 (Ssaku Secondary School), Kenya 3, Uganda 3 (Nabisunsa Girls), Uganda 1 (St Mary’s Kitende), Kenya 1, Rwanda 1 (Ecole St Bernadatte), Kenya 2

Hockey (Boys)

  • Group A: Uganda 1 (Kakungulu Memorial School), Kenya 3., Kenya 2, Tanzania 1, Rwanda 2, Kenya 3
  • Group B: Uganda 3 (St Mary’s College, Kisubi), Uganda 2 (Ntare School), Rwanda 1, Kenya 4, Kenya 1

Hockey Girls:

  • Uganda 3 (Mt St Mary’s Namagunga), Uganda 1 (Kakungulu memorial School), Uganda 2 (Bweyrayangi Girls), Kenya 3, Kenya 2, Kenya 1, Uganda 3 (Gayaza High School)

Volleyball (Girls):

  • Group A: Rwanda 2 (IPSC Kigali), Uganda 2 (Ngora High School), Tanzania 1 (Nasuli S.S), Kenya 4, Kenya 1
  • Group B: Kenya 2, Uganda 1 (St Elizabeth Girls), Rwanda 1 (GS St Aloys), Uganda 3 (Seroma Christian High School), Kenya 3


  • Group A: Uganda 1 (Standard High School Zzana), Kenya 2, Tanzania 1 (Kaliua S.S), Rwanda 2 (PSVF Huye), Kenya 3
  • Group B: Uganda 3 (Namugongo Vocational), Uganda 2 (Bukedea Comprehensive School), Rwanda 1 (GS St Joseph Muhanga), Kenya 4, Kenya 1

Handball (Boys):

  • Group A: Uganda 3 (Bombo Army), Tanzania 1 (Kirombero S.S), Kenya 2 (Mboomi), Rwanda 1 (Adegi Gatsibo), Uganda 2 (Wampewo Ntake S.S)
  • Group B: Uganda 1 (Kakungulu Memorial Secondary School), Kenya 1 (Hospital Hill S.S), Rwanda 2 (ES Kigoma), Kenya 3

Handball (Girls):

  • Group A: Uganda 1 (Kawanda S.S), Uganda 3 (Kibuli S.S), Kenya 2 (Moi Girls Amusinga), Tanzania 1, Rwanda 2 (ISF Nyamasheke)
  • Group B: Kenya 1 (St Joseph’s Kitale), Rwanda 1 (Kiziguro S.S), Kenya 3 (St Joseph’s Miranga), Uganda 2 (Gombe S.S)

Hockey Boys:

  • Group A:   Uganda 1 (Kakungulu Memorial), Kenya 3 (Mangu High), Kenya 2 (St Anthony Kitale), Uganda 4 (Mbarara High)
  • Group B:  Tanzania 1, Uganda 2, Uganda 3, Kenya 1 (Musingu)


  • Namagunga, Kakungulu, Bwerangu, St Joseph’s Kitaeeleo, Tigoy, Nyamira, Gayaza High

Girls (Round Robin):

  • Uganda 3, Uganda 1, Uganda 2, Kenya 3, Kenya 2, Kenya 1, Uganda 4

Rugby 7’s (Format to be confirmed):

  • Jinja S.S (Uganda), Kiira College Butiki (Uganda), London College of St Lawrence, Makerere College School

Rugby 15’s (Round Robin)

  • Uganda 3 (St Mary’s College Kisubi), Uganda 2 (Kings College Buddo), Uganda 1 (Namilyango College), Kenya 1 (Butula Boys), Kenya 2 (All Saints), Kenya 3 (St Anthony Kitale)


  • Group A: Kenya 3, Kenya 1, Tanzania 1 (Lutozo), Uganda 2 (St Noa Girls School Zzana), Uganda 3 (Kawanda S.S)
  • Group B: Kenya 2, Uganda 1 (St Mary’s Boarding SS, Kitende), Tanzania 2 (Mkolani S.S), Uganda 4 (Buddo S.S), Rwanda 1 (GS Gahini Kayonza)

Soccer Girls

  • Group A: Kenya 3, Kenya 1, Rwanda 1 (GS Gatiso), Uganda 3 (Kawempe Muslim S.S), Tanzania 2 (Ziba S.S), Uganda 2 (St Noa Girls School, Zzana)
  • Group B: Tanzania 1 (Fountain Gate S.S), Uganda 4 (Sacred Heart S.S – Gulu), Uganda 1 (Amus College School), Rwanda 2 (, Kenya 2


  • Group A: Kenya 1 (St. Anthony’s Boys), Tanzania 1 (Kalangalala S.S), Uganda 3 (Amus College School), Kenya 3, Rwanda 2 (CGFK Kicukiro), Uganda 2 (St Henry’s College Kitovu)
  • Group B: Kenya 2 (Dagoretti High), Uganda 1 (St Mary’s Kitende), Uganda 4 (Kibuli Secondary School), Tanzania 2 (Kiwira Coal Mine S.S), Rwanda 1 (Ecose Musambira)

(Groups Compiled by David Isabirye -Kawowo sports)

Immediately after the flag off, the touchline sports team had a chat with the President of the USSSA and FEASSSA games, Mr Justus Mugisha who had his expectations for team Uganda held high;

“We don’t expect anything else than an over-roll trophy since we have come back as champions in the last two outings.” he said

“This time round we have improved on our preparations and all teams were well prepared Athletics, swimming and the other individual teams.”

“Everyone should also remember we had some of our teams participate in international tournament where they must have learnt a lot of things.”

“We are also aware that other countries especially Kenya after losing twice have had to go back and prepare very seriously so anything can happen.” he concluded 

Uganda emerged as the overall champion at the 2022 Federation of East Africa Secondary Schools Sports Association (FEASSSA) Games in Arusha city, Tanzania after collecting a total of 18 gold medals, 10 silvers and 13 bronze medals.

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