What helped the player show an impressive individual performance?


The Champions League is the main club competition of the Old World. It brings together the strongest teams from all over Europe. You can find football scores of matches from the world of this competition on the sports statistics website. There are only verified information presented here.

There is always an intense battle for individual achievement in the Champions League. For example, for the title of the best assistant of the tournament. By the way, in the 2011/2012 campaign, Nicolás Gaitán won this award. The Argentinian defender had 5 accurate passes on his account. He shared his award with 4 other players.

At that time Gaitan played for “FC Benfica” and was one of the leaders of the team. His productive actions helped the Portuguese club in 2011/2012 season to reach the quarterfinals of the tournament. It is a good achievement for “Benfica”. By the way, you can find the latest scores of all football matches involving this team on the sports statistics website.

At that time Nicolas showed an impressive individual performance. He was not only reliable in defense, but also regularly joined the attack. It seemed that a great career awaited the player in the future, but after “Benfica” he moved to the “Atlético” squad, where he failed, and then left Europe.

What helped the player show an impressive individual performance?

Gaitan was one of the central figures in the Portuguese club’s attack in that campaign. Partners regularly gave him assists and he created chances for them. By the way, you can find scores predictions for “Benfica” matches on the sports statistics website. It presents only the latest data. They are updated in real time.

If highlighting the main reasons for Gaitan’s successful performance, it is impossible to pass by:

  1. Excellent speed skills. Thanks to them the Argentine easily ran away from defenders, got to the optimal space and made accurate passes.
  2. Good interaction with partners. For example, with Oscar Cardoso, Luizao and other players.
  3. The ability to quickly assess the situation and choose the best option to continue the attack.

That season the Argentine felt the confidence of the coaching staff, which allowed him to show the best game of his career. As a result, the individual award was a well-deserved achievement.

If you want to follow the current success of the team and make predictions on the scores of all confrontations, then go to the sports statistics website. All of the club’s matches are covered here. This will help you keep up with the latest developments.

In this way, in the 2011/2012 season Gaitam showed almost his best game. That’s why his team had a good result. The Argentine received a well-deserved reward, which was a confirmation of his talent.

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