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We have decided to hold a Corporate League marathon – Dennis Mbidde

Dennis Mbidde Ssebugwawo

The fifth (5th) outing of the Corporate league took place at the MUBS Arena-Nakawa as the committe added Basketball to the mix as a result of the facility being able to accommodate the game.

Uganda Corporate league Chairman Dennis Mbidde Ssebugwawo with a smile was excited to tip off the game of Basketball at the fifth Corporate League outing and said;

“We are at MUBS playgrounds this Sunday which has enabled us to add another sport in the Corporate league, the last time it was Volleyball but today we have managed to play there game that is Football, Basketball and Volleyball.”

On getting other games on board, he added and said;

“Our target is to add various sports like athletics, swimming, Woodball and Pool in the coming months, we have also decided on holding a source of the Nile marathon in Busoga which will be held on the 10th December.”

“Our main target is to help the workers in these companies to have a health life through participating in sports.”

“We also have the kids league where by parents come with their kids and participate in the kids league which accommodates kids from as below as 3 years. We are looking forward to making it better with the kids outing being pushed in the third Saturday of the month as kids will enjoy more games.”

The corporate league is preparing for a change in leadership with this being the last year of the two whereby the companies will have to engage in the voting system to see a new leadership in place.

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