The football philosophy of Marcelo Bielsa


Most football coaches are capable of asking their teams to play in a more conservative manner where needed. Sometimes they do it because of the circumstances of the matches. Others do so because that’s the football principle they like the most. The 1xbet.ng/en/ has tons of betting options on football teams that use different tactics.

However, concepts like “conservative” or “defensive football” are definitely absent from Marcelo Bielsa’s dictionary. It is true that he is not the most winning coach. He also hasn’t won any continental trophy or international competition. Lots of major football tournaments can be wagered at any moment by visiting the 1xBet betting platform.

Yet, Bielsa is attributed with helping seemingly smaller teams to become big ones, or helping formerly big squads to reclaim their glory. To make an analogy, he sows the seeds that other coaches can harvest later on.

Some concepts

Bielsa has always stated that he can only see football as a sport that can be played offensively. In fact, he is well known for deploying ultra-attacking tactics. Punters can watch all 1xBet livestream and enjoy the offensive tactics used by the Argentinian coach.

However, such tactics have some disadvantages. Yet, Bielsa tries to work with them in order to minimize their impact. For example, his ultra-attacking teams can be exposed to counter-attacks. In fact, this is seen as the biggest problem possessed by teams coached by the Argentinian. Currently, all 1xBet livestreams can be watched in order to follow football teams with the most attractive style of play.

But he is well aware of that, and tries to compensate for it by preferring defenders that are small and agile rather than big but slow.

Marcelo Bielsa also believes in mechanization. In other words, in training sessions, he repeats certain plays over and over again, until players can do them automatically. This has been quite successful on a number of occasions.

Teams lifted by the coach

It is possible to find several squads that have benefited from the tactics and concepts of Marcelo Bielsa. You can 1xBet iOS download to smartphone now, and use it to wager on all those squads. Some of the teams in question include:

  • Newell’s Old Boys;
  • Vélez Sarsfield;
  • the Chilean national football team;
  • Athletic Bilbao;
  • and Leeds United.

The case of the Chilean national side is quite interesting. He took a demoralized squad in the late 2000s. However, after adding some new and young players, the team gained some new life. Other coaches that managed the team after Bielsa won the first trophies ever with the squad. Punters can download the iOS 1xBet app to their smartphones now, and use it to wager on the Chilean squad.

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