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StarTimes UPL 2020/21: forecast into the first of a promised 5 year mission

StarTimes UPL 2020/21 - KCCA FC The touchline sports

Promising is one thing and living up to that is another. KCCA FC find themselves on course into this new era starting with the forthcoming 2020/2021 season as put forward by their new club chairman Martin Ssekajja during his unveiling back in November of 2019.

The forthcoming season will be the first complete season under his stewardship-as part of the five-year strategic plan set by the club. The disruption to this (if there’s any presented) has got to be the Covid-19 pandemic.

In all respect, the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the world by storm and amongst the most affected ventures happens to be the sports. That in essence implied the unprecedented and rather premature closure of the 2019/2020 SUPL season.

This untimely end to the season would see KCCA FC finish second on the table standings with 50points collected from a mere 25 games played in the league. This, therefore, rendered them unfit to defend the title.

KCCA FC struggled to find results in the StarTimes UPL last season

KCCA FC struggled to find results in the StarTimes UPL last season and found themselves losing the title they had won the preceding season to Vipers SC | Courtesy photo

The aftermath of all this has seen Mike Mutebi desperately quest for a change in playing staff, mentality, and do his homework. His efforts ended up hurting many and left others wondering whether his approach isn’t entirely ambiguous.

Within the same context, it has become extremely hard to proportionately draw a clear direction to the new KCCA FC team and forecast their probable team selection especially with the lingering promise of more signings to come.

The uncertainty about when the resumption of the league is to happen has also not helped the situation. If the news is anything to go by however, this seems to have been sorted with the 17th October 2020 being set as the date.

The majority of the Lugogo faithful will however hope that this stitch in time will save more than nine especially now that the buzz and vibration around the StarTimes stadium is intoxicating. Most fans can’t literally wait for the season to come.

Amongst the many reasons for this energizing anticipation has to be their business in the transfer window and the obsession of seeing these new youngsters feature in a Mutebi setup and philosophy.

Furthermore, the spinning news of a potential agreement between the club and former Police FC star, Juma Balinya for a return to the StarTimes UPL after sojourns at both Yanga and Gor Mahia in Nairobi Kenya has left many fans ecstatic.

This will go a long way in helping them throughout their never-dying sought back to the artistic routes that Mike Mutebi along with his coaching staff know so well.

A Brief Preview 2019/2020 Season

The 2019/2020 season wasn’t quite a roller coaster for KCCA FC as a club considering the rough first round that they endured. This was characterized by a number of injuries to first-team players through whom Mike Mutebi’s team depended.

The total number of draws made across the entire 25 games were an uncharacterized five, a number that directly matches the losses and thereby leveling to a 40% draw-lose percentage. This would seem detrimental to their title quest.

Across the entire 25 games, KCCA FC won 15 with most wins coming in the first round of fixtures. This made the message clear to their rivals that the Kasasiro boys were here to defend the title they had won the previous season.

This was the case with just a few hiccups but not until the junction of the season. The departure of players like Allan Okello, Timothy Awany, and Patrick Kaddu was felt going into the second round as the team was rendered less creative.

The overall winning perchance takes a whopping 60% only bettered by Vipers’ 65%. This was impressive, but by all means, a plummet to the 75% in the 2018/2019 title-winning percentage.

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Administration Stability

KCCA FC, unlike many other clubs in the topflight, has experienced a level of great stability. There is a clear stipulation of duties for each department that makes up the administration and full empowerment to operate to optimality.

KCCA FC has had a stable administration for quite some time and we have it witnessed as many changes as at other clubs in recent times | Courtesy photo

In light of this, the top management (board) has been quite commendable for this stability at the club as no untimely switch-ups, rampant recruitments and uncharacteristic retrenchments have been registered.

Furthermore, the club offered a technical role to Mike Mutyaba-a player that just hugged his playing boots after two amazing seasons with the Lugogo side. He promises dedication and commitment to his new role.

KCCA FC along with rivals Vipers SC are the most compliant in terms of club licensing because their facilities and structures meet the expectations of the regulatory body 100%.

The Transfer Business

As often said, once bitten twice shy, the gaffer seems destined to lay off all who he (according to his mindset) considers deadwood. This partially explains the massive exodus at the club currently.

The club has so far laid off Jackson Nunda – who left for URA, Sadam Juma, Mutyaba Muzamiru, Nicolas Kasozi, and Mutyaba Sulaiman who retired his soccer boots in the aftermath of the just-concluded season.

The list for departures is quite endless with news that there are potentially more exits in the coming days. In light of this, the club has also sold some players with the young left-back Mustafa Kizza being at the forefront.

Many of the departures mentioned are emotional to many KCCA fans but also statements of intent to the players. The implication is that the axe will be wielded upon those that are complacent and that mediocrity has no place at Lugogo.

This rather massive exodus of key star players has also equally been followed with a nerve-racking influx of new faces at the club who according to Mike is the future of Ugandan football at large.

The list has faces like Ahebwa Brian, Charles Lwanga, Mugume Fadiga, Denis Iguma, Samson Kigozi, Stefano Mazengo Lolo, and most anticipatedly Juma Balinya (If he signs).

KCCA FC signed Denis Iguma ahead of the StarTimes UPL 2020/21 season

KCCA FC signed Denis Iguma ahead of the StarTimes UPL 2020/21 season | Courtesy photo

The emergency of these new players has brought mixed emotions with some being amongst the fans. Some are ecstatic while others are full of worries as there has been equally noticeable departures from the club.

Can they dethrone Vipers FC?

They, (KCCA FC) have for the last 10 years now established themselves as the model of success. This they have done through their administrative preparation and on-pitch prowess.

The Mike Mutebi project has for the last five years set precedent for his successors in the future and has put the club in a position of overwhelming title contenders at the commencement of any season to come.

That in essence gives them an edge on the defending champions Vipers Fc but doesn’t however guarantee that the title is theirs to lose. An extra mile ought to be taken and Mike and his technical team know this.

The truth of this informs their addition to the team players like Fadiga and Bright Anukani. Players who are very assertive in transition and can hold onto the ball more often than not. This will help much in possession and creativity in the final third.

The fill in the void left by Sadam Juma, Jackson Nunda, and Muzamiru Mutyaba. The midfielders-whom many had grown accustomed to watching timing his runs to perfection in the final third of the pitch. These new lads are generally expected to be the fulcrum at KCCA FC.

For all it’s worth, the fans will create a romantic atmosphere for them. Everyone, KCCA fan or not, are eagerly awaiting in anticipation of a fascinating style of play and look forward to witnessing the beautiful game being played the way it should be.

What do you think? – Do you think KCCA FC will beat Vipers SC to the StarTimes UPL 2020/21 title?

We would love to read your thoughts and opinion on this. Share with us your views in the comment section below.

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