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Soroti Cricket Academy unveils exclusive High-Performance camp for 30 girls


Following the triumphant Soroti Cricket Academy awards dinner and Carnival in December last year, the pursuit of excellence continues as the Academy now embarks on a transformative journey through a high-performance camp catered exclusively for young female cricketers.

The announcement of this residential high-performance camp signifies a pivotal moment for the Academy.

Commenced on January 3rd and culminating on the 21st at St. Mary’s Madera, this immersive program aims to empower and refine the skills of 30 talented young girls through specialized training and coaching.

Throughout the intensive three-week duration, these aspiring athletes will benefit from comprehensive guidance delivered by seasoned coaches.

Emphasis will be on honing not only their technical prowess but also enriching their tactical acumen, physical conditioning, and mental fortitude.

Furthermore, the camp curriculum prioritizes sessions focused on fostering leadership qualities and promoting teamwork among participants.

This initiative aligns with the Academy’s commitment to holistic development.

It’s not merely about enhancing cricketing abilities but also about nurturing well-rounded individuals equipped with strong leadership attributes and a cohesive team spirit.

At Soroti Cricket Academy, our unwavering commitment lies in dismantling obstacles and ensuring equitable opportunities for girls to shine in their beloved sport.

President Richard Oluka strongly advocates for this belief, emphasizing the mission to cultivate a nurturing atmosphere where aspiring female cricketers can thrive.

President Richard Oluka talking to the cricketers.

Acknowledging cricket’s historical male dominance, our Academy steadfastly advocates for change.

The residential high-performance camp stands as a testament to our dedication to leveling the playing field, fostering an environment that not only hones cricketing skills but also champions support and empowerment.

Our vision extends beyond just cricketing proficiency; we aim to establish a robust platform where girls can unleash their passion for cricket without constraints.

By providing this inclusive space, we aspire to empower and embolden these young athletes to reach their fullest potential.

Through initiatives like the residential high-performance camp, we aspire to pave the way for young girls to excel in cricket and proudly represent their country, stated Richard.

Over the course of this three-week camp, experienced coaches will provide comprehensive training, focusing on refining technical skills, tactical awareness, physical fitness, and mental resilience.

Complementing cricket-specific training, sessions on teamwork, leadership, and personal development are integrated to ensure each participant experiences holistic growth.

The Soroti Cricket Academy remains steadfast in its commitment to providing exceptional facilities.

St. Mary’s Madera boasts state-of-the-art cricket grounds, well-equipped training facilities, and comfortable residential accommodations.

The modern amenities are fostering a safe and conducive environment that supports the growth and development of these aspiring cricketers.

In an interview with the Chairman Soroti Cricket Academy Mr Musana Felix he informed us that the goal extends beyond just honing cricketing abilities; we aim to empower these girls to become resilient and self-assured individuals.

Our vision is to create an environment where girls can flourish, embracing their passion for cricket without limitations, and emerge as confident individuals ready to conquer challenges both on and off the field.

The Soroti Cricket Academy takes pride in spearheading the promotion of women’s cricket in Uganda.

With endeavors such as the residential high-performance camp, we aim to carve a path for young girls, enabling them to shine in the sport and proudly represent their country on the international stage.

The roster of coaches contributing to the ongoing camp comprises esteemed professionals such as Bakunzi Derrick, Oluka Richard, Twijukye Emmanuel, Ogwang Wilfred, and Ebulu Ronald.

Their dedication and expertise underscore our commitment to fostering excellence among participants, ensuring they receive top-notch guidance and mentorship throughout the camp.

About Soroti Cricket Academy:

Soroti Cricket Academy is a leading cricket academy in Uganda dedicated to the development and promotion of cricket among young boys and girls.

With facilities and experienced coaching staff, the academy aims to provide a nurturing environment for cricketers to excel and reach their full potential.

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