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Pius Obuya-KCCA FC: a courtship that never came to be

Pius Obuya

It is oftentimes one thing to dream and totally another to live that most desirable​ dream. This revelation draws a direct inclination to Obuya, a player who more often than not has clamored for the Lugogo switch.

Many attribute this unpleasant phenomenon to luck, in a game less synonymous to such a mindset. The idea that Obuya is simply being unlucky however holds some water but is a bit superstitious if you ask me.

The clear reason for this plummet however has more to do with the hip and shoulder injuries the player has carried with him since his departure from the Luzira side Maroons FC.

Word is that the player failed a medical at the club and was deemed unfit to play for the 2019 AUPL champions in the forthcoming season.

This shouldn’t however surprise any KCCA fans since Steven Bengo suffered the same fate back in 2018 especially when everyone wanted to see him wearing that iconic yellow jersey.

What then, does this failure mean to the future of this maestro’s career?

Heartbreaking I think for him and anyone wishing to present themselves in his shoes. This is simply because KCCA is always a big step in the right direction for any player coming through the ranks.

To comprehensively answer the above question though, we ought to first understand the strengths and weaknesses of the player in question and why his most desirable destination sought him out.

Who is Pius Obuya? 

Any football enthusiast out there with an admiration for young talent has surely by must or default ran into this incredible talent.

A player in the mold of a midfield technician who is quite comfortable with the ball and recycling it to create a platform for others to express themselves.

At only 16, he was already representing Uganda at U-17 and U-20 national teams with the Uganda Cranes spot being the prime target. At that same age, he was making his Uganda Premier League debut.

This came back in 2015 with Maroons at Mutesa II Wankulukuku Stadium as they locked horns with Ugandan Club football giants, Express FC (Red Eagles). A game not shy of controversy, drama, and skill.

Express won the day with a 3-2 victory but word on the mouth of many fans was the tantalizing talent of this young midfield genius that hardly put a pass wrong. He was spot-on with the passing, game reading, and decision making especially regarding when to shoot.

This had many fans questioning the authenticity of his age. Whether he was 16 indeed, for they were yet to see a combination of patience, composure, and charisma in a single player. Young players for that matter.

His tenure at Maroons has for the longest time continued to drum a fact into many inappropriate skulls that he is indeed the best young central midfielder of his age in the local game currently, especially talking about his offensive nature of the approach.

The injuries have however halted and provided a lot of misgivings to a career that promised a lot. There is a lot for him to prove in the aftermath of his exodus from Luzira.

Why KCCA FC wanted him

Many KCCA fans argue that Mike is always selective with the players he chooses to play in his team. The requirements according to many are skill or technical ability, discipline, and humility which are things we have associated a lot with Mutebi.

Many fans had however hoped that his arrival would help feel the void left by the other youngster Allan Okello who left for Algerian side earlier this year but his medical record rendered this an impossibility.

The two parties had gone ahead to agree on contractual terms earlier before the unwanted medical saga happened.

This failure had them turn their eyes to the Italian Stefano Mazengo Loro to fill the void left by​ Nicolas Kasozi who is expected to move on from the club.

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What next for the player?

The future seems rather uncertain for the player especially considering the disappointment from the failed move. How does one recover from such a situation? Many will be asking that.

For all we know, maybe this comes as a blessing in disguise for the player who seems to have lost more in this predicament. He was perhaps not meant to play there yet considering his injury record.

Relinquishing seems a no go area for the player considering his age and all he still has to offer in the game. His talent is something rather unquestionable and when granted an opportunity, he can conjure good chemistry with any teammates.

Despite the shift in lack, he ought to take heart and play more angry. Keep the adrenaline going like 5 years ago at age 16 during his inception to the Uganda Premier League.

Timothy Kuteesa
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