John Balwigaire: Our goal is to win the NBL Championship

John Balwigaire

JKL Dolphins’ latest acquisition John Balwigaire has reiterated the ambition of his new team to win the FUBA NBL Championship.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the JKL Dolphins’ media team, the Silverbacks’ point guard says he chose JKL because he shares the same vision with the Club.

“I chose JKL because we both share the same vision on where we want to take the game of basketball in Uganda. I believe in their philosophy and the plan they have for the season. So, I will fit in well,” Balwigaire says.

On what he thinks about the facilities before joining the Ugandan Outfits;

“The facilities were the least of my concerns when I chose to come here. I am a hooper, so I just need to know the time and place, to go and shake the ball.”

On if he has gotten time to get to know his teammates better;

“I know my teammates as just like you can get to know anyone in as three weeks. We were in the middle of the training camp when COVID-19 hit us, so, unfortunately, we were separated but I think if we come together again, we can work out and make this a great season for us.”

City Oilers have won the last seven NBL Championships but Balwigaire believes JKL has all that is needed to stop the Oilers monopoly.

“I think we can go extremely far. Our goal this season is to win it once the season begins whenever that will be. We are ready to continue improving and getting better each and every day. I think we have a good chance just as anybody else.”

Balwigaire also thinks the quality of basketball in Uganda is just as good as anywhere in Africa.

“I think the quality of basketball in Uganda is just as high as anywhere in Africa. There are some great clubs in this league and am extremely excited to get out and compete with these guys.”

To the JKL Dolphins’ fans,

“I am excited to be on board and let’s win.”

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