Is this the worst season for Coaches in Uganda Premier League history?


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Patricia Turyahebwa

It’s the worst season for many coaches in the UPL, surprisingly even some coaches that have done something incredibly special for some clubs we’re shown exit doors a case in point is Moses Golola his exit shocked many. And in other clubs, club owners lacked patience in coaches they do trust with their club’s after failure to deliver results as expected and above all coaches have not been given ample time and enough funds to prepare these clubs for good results.

Kirwana Muzamiru
Not but sign of unprofessionalism by either sides, the coaches and club owners. Where some clubs not paying players and demand for results, where bosses take in lineups and back fires among unprofessional backroom acts
Kigabane Desmond Fredrick
I can not say its the worst season ever for the coaches because we have seen even earlier seasons where teams had to participate in two parallel competitions which I think was a very huge concern for many coaches in the league. I can not only base on the rampant reshuffling of technical staff at different teams to say that its the hardest season, because it has always been the order since time memorial. But however, I can not rule out the effect of the COVID-19 on our teams but to me that’s not reason enough to conclude that its the worst of all seasons since it has been a universal problem all over the globe. Conclusively, in my view it’s not been the worst of all seasons though we can not rule out its lows.
Osborn Mushabe
Not the worst season for coaches in Ugandan football. However, we can attribute this to coaches promising heaven and earth to land jobs only to fluff their chances after appointment.
I cant blame club owners because football is all about ambition. He who doesn’t fit in the direction  of the club to attain its targets has to be sacked
Very few Ugandan coaches stay with clubs for long, after registering successful spells. Thus, even if club owners were patient, coaches would still throw in towels. Its thus prudent to show them the exit door when they do not perform according to expectations.
Umar Abdallah Loi
One of the problems is the day a coach gets a job or signs a contract is the same day other coaches are applying for the same job. So this Coach remains at the mercy of the club owner. You have seen Coaches being sacked even if they are performing well statistically but its worse once results aren’t coming soon. Coaching needs time especially if you are to have a good team allow a coach to build the team if not the philosophy. Otherwise Coaches move with players because of fear of poor results and sacking.
Ronald Yiga
Senior Staff Writer at Touchline Sports covering largely football

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