Hope to have Batball Max before next season – Martin Ondeko


Batball X tournament was concluded on Sunday 20th August with the Central Rhinos emerging as Champions.

This was the first Batball X tournament in Uganda with intention to fight Hypertension and also grow the different Cricket talents. Abit of this under the Batball motto that is Cricket4all.

After the Batball X tournament, we had a chat with Martin Ondeko, the Chief Operations Officer of Batball Uganda Limited who said that as Batball they wanted the players to enjoy themselves;

“At Batball we promise less and deliver more and I believe we have delivered what we promised.”

“Getting into the tournament we wanted players to enjoy themselves and I believe they have like we wanted good cricket to be played and it was all round.”

“We are happy with what we have seen, crowds have been entertained like I always say Cricket is not only played on the field but we should be seeing something off the field and I think we have seen that having the triplets Ghetto Kids graced our event and glad they partnered with us.”

On the competition, he added and said;

I think it goes back on how it started like I mention always Batball is a pathway program grass roots to local,”

“we started with the Batball Open that happened in the five regions, we got the best players went to Kampala and Jinja to compete.”

“To spice it up we also invited a team from Rwanda and they have done a lot to make it more competitive”

When asked what next after Batball X he concluded saying;

“We started with Batball Open, now we came to Batball X then hope to have Batball Max. Batball Max is about the best players in Batball X, some national team players(local) and also international players from associate countries.”

Batball max will be held very soon before the start of next season, Ondeko revealed.

About Batball.

Batball Uganda Limited is a company that is partnership with the Uganda Cricket Association to develop and grow the game in Uganda 

Batball is a grass root to the global Cricket program that is focused on the pathways of of the players to the national team set up.

Batball Uganda Limited is doing this starting on the Regional levels.

The tie is still open – Vipers’ Leo Neiva

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