FUFA Competitions league reforms- What fans think about the proposal


The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) proposed various changes in the top tier league (Uganda Premier League) and the second tier league ( FUFA Big league) which will see the Uganda Premier league consist of 12 teams starting from the 2021/2022 season. The changes will also see the introduction of the U20 league as the U17 will be played at regional level.

Touchline Sports managed to reach out to some of the fans in Ugandan football and this what they had to say about the proposed changes to the league.

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Lugave Sandra – Vipers

Lugave Sandra ,one of the prominent Vipers SC fan

As a vipers fan, I wasn’t happy when I heard that they are going to cut off teams from 16 to a 12 team league as a fan, one of the effects is that there will be a decrease in the number of fans going at the stadiums. This won’t affect the fans only but also the footballers, who will be affected because most of them will lose their jobs.

its not the right time because I thought as we yearn to professionalize our league we have to move forward but if they want 12 teams that means we are heading back to where we started like in 2005 when the league was played through group stages.

Nanyondo Maximillian – KCCA FC

Nanyondo Maximillian taking a selfie with KCCA’s Kizza.                                     I have no problem with the 12 teams because I think it’s very good for some reasons like tight Competition amongst the teams, match fixing will reduce in some clubs which are not well facilitated and tend to switch to match fixing/ betting in order to earn some money to fund their clubs. Sponsors will come on board since it’s also going to be a recognized professional league though some clubs will face challenges but in the near feature football will gain more.

The negative effects are some traditional clubs might be cut off and they have royal fans the likes of Express FC because these new clubs like Onduparaka, Bul FC Busoga United and Mbarara City are at a higher peak. Since four teams will be cut off at the end of 2020/2021 season then we risk loosing fans and it will also affect the national team.

Baidhu Robert – SC Villa

On the issue of 12 teams in the super league I don’t agree with it to a larger extent in that as we fans we know how much talent will be left out without jobs and also we fans we shall be left out in touring various parts of the country.
But to smaller extent financial wise, it may be good for teams which struggle with finances because transport costs are high.

Mayanja Lawrence – Express FC

I personally don’t agree with the league being trimmed to 12 teams because our players need to play as many games, I would even like to see an 18 clubs league so that our players get more minutes of play. The reserve league would be good but our clubs even find difficulties in financing both the senior and junior team and now a reserve league would make it more complicated.

Nankya Rahma – KCCA FC
I think it’s so soon having a 12 team league because our country is highly populated and football is a dear game to almost every one, new talents blossom every day and they all yearn to play in the top tier league in the country.
This 12 team league isn’t a bad idea but it would have to start in at least 5 years from now.

Natukunda Sheeba – Wakiso Giants

I don’t support the idea of trimming the teams to 12, FUFA would have at least increased to 18 or 20 teams so that teams like Kitara also have a chance of playing in the top tier league.

Yasin Caen – SC Villa

I don’t support the 12 team format because we are going to miss out on ushering new young talents, I would rather suggest a w remain with 16 or an addition to 18

Nabagereka Allen – Express FC

I heard that the 12 clubs will be playing on a basis of home and away and away/home meaning we shall see three game per team against one opponent where by the host of the 3rd game will be determined by first and second leg aggregate results. This arrangement is targeting some teams and giving an edge to some usual teams that start the league fully prepared and equipped while others pick their rhythm in season due course.

Edwin Waiswa

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