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Cricket soars at Mukono Kings High School


Mukono Kings, once primarily dedicated to football, has now witnessed an unprecedented surge in the popularity of cricket, becoming the defining sport among the school’s students.

The inception of cricket at Mukono Kings dates back to January 2023 when the Mukono Cricket Community embarked on championing the sport in the region.

Discussions ensued between the community and the school, resulting in scheduled training days on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Initially, the cricket group comprised seven girls and five boys. However, this fledgling team has now burgeoned to a remarkable total of over 60 passionate cricketers, signifying a momentous milestone in the sport’s growth at the school.
Remarkably, the girls at Mukono Kings have made rapid strides in their cricket journey.

Despite missing out on the girls’ schools cricket week qualifiers earlier in the year, they seized the opportunity to participate in the UCA girls’ schools league in August. This league not only honed their skills but also enhanced their game awareness and application.

The dedication and progress of four outstanding girls from Kings—Nampamu Jackline (medium pace bowler), Nalumansi Resty (wicketkeeper), Nalutaya Christine (spinner), and Nakibuule Elizabeth (pace bowler)—earned them coveted trial call-ups for the national team under the guidance of Victoria Pearls’ coaches, Lawrence Ssempija and Lawrence Ssematimba.

Four girls from Mukono Kings with national team players.

Furthermore, Mukono Kings High School triumphed in the second edition of THE DEEP END SCHOOLS CRICKET TOURNAMENT (Girls).

Notably, three players from Kings secured individual accolades: Nampamu Jackline as the Best Bowler, Nalumansi Resty (C) as the Best Wicket Keeper, and Nakibuule Elizabeth as the Player of the Series.

In September, both boys and girls from Mukono Kings constituted a significant portion of the Mukono Cricket Community team during the tour to the Northern hub in Gulu. This exposure and learning experience proved transformative for them.

These remarkable achievements owe their success to the unwavering support of the Mukono Cricket Community.

Coaches such as Michael Okoth, Simon Kintu, and Robinson Turinawe, who heads the Holiday camps at Takajunge Sports Ground, have been instrumental in regular training sessions and nurturing talent.

Mr. Tibiramira Emmanuel, the sports teacher and cricket coordinator at Kings, has played a pivotal role in orchestrating the sport’s growth.

Initially challenged by limited space for training, the school eventually secured training grounds at the Mukono District Headquarters playground during the third term.

Efforts are underway to enlighten parents and students about the game’s benefits, resulting in a surge in interest.

Looking ahead, Mukono Kings plans to offer bursaries to talented and disciplined players next year, aiming to further motivate and attract new participants to the game.

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