Coronavirus hiatus proves the importance of football

football - covid-19-hiatus-proves-the-importance-of-football

I would like to get this out of the way. The COVID-19 pandemic is an awful occurrence that has had scores of people losing their lives throughout the world. The football crowds have since faded into the ‘insignificant’ when you consider the situation at hand.

Most parts of the world are in a lockdown and the future of when we will get loose is hard to predict. We are now living in a unique and unimaginable situation.

More than just a hobby

Football is a passion for millions of people around the world. For some, their whole life revolves around it while others, like myself, the suspension of the games throughout the world (except for Belarus and Nicaragua) has hit us harder than just fans.

Much of our income comes from the service we render to the beautiful game. It could be direct like coaching, stadia management, or talking, writing and even supporting football. So, when the game goes away, so does our income.

For us, it is not just a hobby or a social activity, the game is our livelihood and how we feed our families. Most of us will prove to be resourceful. Maybe for a while.

But, there are those whose social lives revolve around the game. Watching or playing the game with friends and family. Without it, that social life disappears. For most of us, football is far more than just a hobby.

It is fine to miss it – it’s understandable

While there are those in the camp of people who are dying, football can not be that important. But there is always an element of guilt in missing football.

If you are feeling guilty, well it’s not time to – it’s understandable. Everybody has a passion for something in their life. While many can still try out theirs inside their residences, it is either expensive or nearly impossible for football to happen that way. Some people may be lucky enough to have space for kickabouts, but it is different from playing with their friends and family.

This has had both mental and physical effects on people. The lockdown will be a test of people’s mental strength, which was already a big concern for some before the coronavirus pandemic.

A return of football would be a big boost

The current situation has affected every walk of life and the biggest question there is now is, ‘When will football return?’

Unfortunately, due to the unpredictable nature of the virus and people’s behavior, there is no clear answer. A return of football would be a fantastic boost for millions throughout the world.

It would make isolation and lockdowns a bit more tolerable but this is only possible when the government feels it is safe.

There is no doubt everybody connected with football is desperate for the game to return especially at the Elite level. We all miss football and it just shows how much it means to the people. It may not be as important as life. However, it is more than just a game and that already shows.

When calm is restored and normalcy returns and we shall once again enjoy the thing we love.

How important is football in your life?

Ronald Yiga
Senior Staff Writer at Touchline Sports covering largely football

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