Bundesliga: German Government approves season to resume in May


The Bundesliga is set to become the first of Europe’s top football leagues to restart after being halted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government on Wednesday 6th May further relaxed Germany’s coronavirus lockdown, paving way for the restart of the Bundesliga and second-tier, 2.

According to the DW Sport, after the German government laying out a series of measures to limit any risks, the German Football League (DFL), got the approval it needed for the return of Bundesliga football – Just when the season will resume is up to the DFL which governs Germany’s top two divisions, to decide.

“The Bundesliga will be able to resume operations soon,” Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters in Berlin following a video conference with the premiers of the country’s 16 states.

The Bundesliga will restart – without fans and in accordance with strict hygiene protocols. However, a general ban on mass public events and gatherings remains in place.

This compromise regarding football is absolutely justifiable – even though this is a controversial subject.

Said the premier of the southern state of Bavaria, Markus Söder.

The DFL will meet tomorrow, Thursday via video conference to decide when the league can restart, but the German government has already agreed that it can return as soon as May 15.

“Today’s decision is good news for the Bundesliga,”

said the DFL’s CEO, Christian Seifert.

“It’s a great responsibility for the clubs to implement the medical and organizational guidelines in a disciplined manner.”

According to sources in Germany, it is understood that games will only be allowed to be played after players have undergone a sufficient quarantine period in the form of training camps.

There has also been a change regarding how long the quarantine period can last from the 14-days to at least 7 days with regular testing and negative test results.

This follows the rate of new COVID-19 cases in Germany dropping below 1,000 per day for the first time since mid-March.

The Bundesliga has not held a match since March 12 and there are only 9 matchdays remaining in both divisions.


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