2023 Africa Boxing Championship: Bombers collect medals before entering ring


Three Bombers out of the 17 will start their journey at the 2023 Africa Boxing Championships in Yaounde, Cameroon at the semifinal stage

This was all known during the draws that were conducted on Thursday something that will grant most of these boxers a minimum is $5000.

Remember Prize Money is listed as below
Gold – $15,000
Silver – $10,000
Bronze – $5,000
Quarterfinalist – $1500

The mentioned three boxers are Grace Nankinga (50-52 kgs),Erina Namutebi (60-63 kgs)and Geko Solomon (90-92kgs).

Nankinga ‘s category this time comprises six boxers, therefore she got a chance to start at semifinals.

The youngster will face winner between Mozambique’s Bagao Helena and Congo’s Gisele Nyembo Muamba.

For Namutebi, her category will have five boxers but she got a bye to the semifinals

She will box Mozambique’s Isabel Sandra inorder to get to the final.

Lastly Geko is the other who will start at the semifinals after receiving a bye at the Quaterfinals.

At the semifinals he will face the winner between Adegbola Adedeji of Nigeria and
Zacharie Serge Mvogo of Cameroon.

Others boxers who hope to start at the Quaterfinals will be guaranteed Ushs. 5 million ($1500) and these boxers include;

The famous Ukasha Matovu (63.5-67kg) who will wait on the winner between Samil Barouf of Comoros and Diop Chek Tidiane of Senegal.

Matovu Ukasha after the weigh in

Ronald Okello (71-75kg) who comes in from Northern Uganda will face Raul Obaga of (Equatorial Guinea) and with a win will be in the semifinals to face the winner between Daniel Ilakunda of Tanzania and Tsama David of DR Congo.

James Baraka (86-92 kg) will face Kebe Karamba, with hope to gets to the semis to box either William Mbago of Congo or Nhlapo Bonginkonsi of South Africa.

Other Quaterfinal games:

Lawrence Kayiwa (80-86kg) Vs Landu Mbeli Nathan (Congo)

Winner Vs Changalawe Yusuf (Tanzania)/Antalika Emmanuel (Mauritania)

Zahara Nandawula (57-60 kg) Vs Hadjila Khelif of Algeria

Winner VsAmine Nisrine of Morocco

Sharua Ndagire (54-57kg) Vs Hlioui Nouhala of Morocco.

Nadia Najjemba (52-54kg) Vs Abdelkader Fatma Zohra of Algeria.

Emily Nakalema (63-66kg) Vs Kate Isim of Nigeria

Winner Vs Gomes Moreif of Cape Verde

Muzamir Ssemuddu (67-71kg) Vs Muxanga Tiago Osorio Mozambique

Winner Vs El Barbari Hamza of Morocco

Joseph Kalema’s (46-48kg) Vs Cameroon’s Wouang Marcial

Winner Vs Issufo Yassine Nordine of Mozambique.

For team Captain Joshua Tukamuhebwa (63.5kg) and three others, they will start at the round of 16.

The other three will include Idriisa Mukiibi (75-80), Ssali Amir Wasswa (57-60kg)
and youngster Khassim Murungi (54-57kg)



Tukamuhebwa Vs Collin Louis Richarno of Mauritania

Winner Vs Karuki Antony Maina (Kenya)

Idriisa Mukiibi (75-80) Vs Robert Oraka Nehemiah (Kenya)

Winner Vs Fotouo Totap Junior (Kenya)

Khassim Murungi (54-57kg) Vs Sigauque Armando Rugoberto of Mozambique.

Ssali Amir Wasswa (57-60kg) Vs Irungu Ethan Maina of Kenya.

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