Masaza Cup

Want us to be like Buddu – Ow’ekitibwa Ssebwana Charles Kiberu


Busiro County(Ssaza) football team won their maiden Masaza trophy in March 2023 at the Wankulukuku Stadium thanks to a late strike by Kafumbe Masuudi to drown Buddu in final.

On Friday 5th May, at the Busiro Ssaza grounds- Sentema, Busiro presented their trophy to the Katikkiro of the Buganda Kingdom Charles Peter Mayiga in the presence of the head of the County Ow’ekitibwa Charles Kiberu Kisiriza and one of the players of the 2022 Busiro team that brought home the Masaza Cup Hon. Paul Nsubuga.

After receiving the trophy, in his words the Katikkiro of Buganda said;

“ I am happy for Busiro for lifting their maiden trophy however much am a Buddu fan” 

“But when I look around I see other counties and all I can say is I urge Busiro to wake up and always move forward” he concluded.

Immediately after the event we had a chat with Ow’ekitibwa Ssebwana Charles Kiberu Kisiriza who urged his people from Busiro to get behind their football team;

“We obviously need people to join us be we dont want those who will think that the Busiro football team is theirs, the team is for the county. Anyone on the committe should work knowing that the he/she is countable to the county committe and we dont was politics in football.” He said

“Some people look at the Busiro team and think its for Ssebwaana, Hon.Paul Nsubuga, Chairman Ddamulira or Owek. Aloysious Ssemanda NO that’s wrong i want us to have a collective heart with effort like Buddu. Coaches and Players are expensive so i call upon all the people from Busiro and would like to let them know that the team is theirs they should come and support it.”he added

“I emphasize the political beat because we have people from different Political parties that support our football team and i want to become the unifying factor to add up all these people something the Katikkiro advises us to do.”

“On the preparation we have next season, our aim this year is to bring back Busiro on top, Katikiiro has said Busiro should get up and walk again there we should get up and wake up in the football we should win our games and have that consistency starting from our opening and first game of the upcoming season.” He concluded 

Busiro FC as Champions of the previous edition will host and play in the opening game of the 2023 edition of the Masaza Cup

This means they will also host the Kabaka of Buganda His Majesty Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II who always kick starts the Masaza Cup tournament .

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