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UBCL Finale: Ssemuddu dominates Kimbugwe, secures $1000 belt


Muzamir Ssemuddu “Mr Take Over” has defeated every fighters he has faced in his weight this season, including Broline Kimbugwe ‘Stylist’ on Tuesday.

His persistent and consistent performances have won him a crowd and made him a name among the boxing faithfuls not forgeting many that like to go out on a weekend outing when the fight nights run on.

UMA SHOW GROUNDS — The Final Fight of the second season ended, and what seemed like half of the arena swarm inside the ring.

Mostly, they just stood there. But not Muzamir Ssemuddu. He had an image to reinforce after the incidents that happened in the previous season one when he lost the final to Isaac ‘Zebra’ Ssenyange Jr.

In a beast mode, Ssemuddu moved up each corner and thumped his knuckles as he displayed desire to win throughout the day indicating that it was the time.

“Ahh yes!” he shouted. Then he thrice punched the air, showing how much he needed it.

Ssemuddu, winner by a 5-0 unanimous decision, got the largest chunk of crowd on their feet as they joined Kololo’s finest in celebration.

To the surprise of no one, he places God at the helm. Ssemuddu thanked God. Cheers! Ssemuddu thanked his coaches. Cheers! Ssemuddu thanked his team and sponspors. Cheers!

After the atmosphere cooling down there were still loud voices in the hall singing Ssemuddu, Ssemuddu while others never stopped chanting Muzamir as it was declared that his $1000 belt will be handed to him by Uganda Boxing Federation President Moses Muhangi.

Muhangi handing over belt to Ssemuddu.

This is how it goes with Ssemuddu, how it always is will be with him. He may have made some bit of pocket change on Tuesday, but above all he further cemented his legacy as the best boxer of his weight in the Uganda Boxing Champions League.

With intention to stay humble and keep his feet on the ground, Ssemuddu doesn’t realize is what his acolytes have the heart to tell him which is that he arrived in this space largely through his own design.

On the otherside, the winners call the losing one and losers call the learning path, Kimbugwe aka ‘Stylist’ did pursue Ssemuddu.

He followed him into the corners and stalked him around the ring. In the first round, Stylist landed a straight left hand that staggered Ssemuddu backward onto the ground and brought Kimbugwe’s fanbase to its collective feet.

Kimbugwe continued to throw punches in flurries, continued to land, and at that point it seemed possible, if only momentarily, that Ssemuddu would lose in the opening round.

Ssemuddu tried his best to attack and get onto the front foot but was put back on the ropes and shook his head, as if to say, Not tonight.

“As long as I moved in to the attack, I was O.K.,” Ssemuddu said. “It was only when I stayed in the pocket that he was able to get me.”

Celebrities descended into UMA show grounds throughout Fight Week. Most wanted Ssemuddu to win. The stands in the VVIP looked like some sort of peaceful area with a classy vibe: UBF President Moses Muhangi, CEO Next media services Joe Kigozi, MP Geofrey Kayemba Soro, socialites/models Abraynz, Judith Heard, Artistes Angella Katatumba, Zex Bilangilangi and John Blaq all showed up, as did anyone who could afford a ticket.

On the fans side, hall was full to capacity from all angles, in the Ordinary section, VIP and VVIP.

They came to see the new generation knock some of the hubris off eachother, Kimbugwe said after it all, “I thought i started well but I will go back to gym and work harder to be better for the next fight.”

Kimbugwe ‘Stylist’ throws punch at Ssemuddu.

He also said, “ I caught him bit but he caught me more and am raging to put it right come next season.”

Like in the previous final of season one, this time scoring presented no question after all judges clearly sided with Ssemuddu in that regard.

On the same night, all Elite fight winners (both women /men) were handed medals and belts after topping their respective weights notably Bombers Captain Joshua Tukamuhebwa who knocked out Raskara Paul in Round 2 in the Elite 63.5kgs after he lit up the hall with His oustanding entrance.

Bombers Captain Joshua Tukamuhebwa as he was annouced winner by K.O

Tukamuhebwa receiving his belt from MP Kayemba Geofrey.

Others were Nkobeza Yusuf who won by a 4:1 split win against Ojok Alfred in the Elite 75Kgs, Murungi Kassim who rapidly boxed Jonah Kyobe to a 4:1 split win in Elite 57Kgs.

Yusuf Nkobeza taking on Ojok Alfred.

Kassim Murungi fighting with Jonah Kyobe.

However before the above bouts the women who played earlier were rewarded with their belts by socialite /model Judith Heard and artiste Angela Katatumba.

Katatumba (L) with the female boxers.

L-R: Emily Nakalema, Nandawula Zahara, Ndagire Shaluwa Musa, Nabikolo Fatuma and Grace Nankinga.

This marked the closure of the 2023 season as much more is anticipated to take centre stage in season three(3).

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