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Sharing Youth Junior Badminton: Cream sieved as tournament enters final stage


The Sharing Youth Junior Badminton Tournament sailed on into day two at the Sharing Hall in Nsambya.

A number of boys and girls continued to showcase their talents with an intention to win the tournament.

Olivia Betty Kyomukama, a youngster and star in the making who has represented Uganda in the international competitions, including the Uganda Junior International tournament is involved in the tournament with an urge to improve on her skills;

Olivia Betty Kyomukama celebrating triumph at the CFK Badminton Academy.

Olivia Betty Kyomukama been awarded for excellence at the CFK Badminton awards.

“Personally I train at Pearl and Mbogo, I have come to play this tournament so that I can  improve on my Badminton skills and also know how I can play with my other opponents such as my age mates since the tournament has different age groups.” she said

Adding that, “For now, I am playing in the Women doubles with Claire Namirembe and mixed doubles with Tendo Mukalazi so that we can improve and win.”

Kyomukama continued while stating that a challenge she has noticed is that they are playing on the floor compared to the League where a carpet is used.”

Concluding that her main target is to win the tournament just like any other person.

In the Round Robin method used on the day, in the Women doubles Kyomukama has played twice with her patner Namirembe defeating the pair of Mwesigwa Divine and Zainab Malik,  21-8 21-7  and another of Nakalema Flora and Zako Jovia, 8-21 21-13 21-6 .

In the Mixed doubles, Tendo Mukalazi who patnered up with Kyomukama defeated Hazard Tumwebazze and Adams Asania, 21-1 21-7 .

With a semifinal stage set, for many in the different age categories, below are the Quaterfinal results on day two (2).



Kaweesi Batham, , def. Ogwang Joshua, , 21-9 9-21 21-7 .

Juma Malik Ahmed, , def. Nsubuga Arafat, , 21-13 21-6 .

Kitenda Rehan, , def. Kisakye Caltons, , 21-15 21-7 .

Bruno Agaba, , def. Oduka Aslam, , 8-21 21-10 21-4 .

GS U16


Nagujja Thara, , def. Nandagire Bayat, , 21-12 21-15 .

Nakimera Nabiira, , def. Nakiwala Maria, , 21-13 19-21 21-7 .

Maliha Musa, , def. Musanya Qudrah, , 21-9 21-8 .

Kyuuka Trisha, , def. Zainab Malik, , 21-15 21-14 .

BS U19


Najjimu Mboowa, , def. Mwebe Adamford, , 21-7 21-13 .

Eric Ofoyuru, , def. Higenyi Rayan, , 21-7 21-5 .

Ndawula Aaron (4), , def. Mukasa Jordan, , 21-17 21-18 .

Nsubuga Reagan, , def. Mulindwa Emmanuel, , 21-4 21-1 .

GS U19


Bukenya Ramiah, , def. Athieno Jovia, , 21-7 21-10 .

Ndagire Kate, , def. Nakimera Nabiira, , 21-10 21-15 .

Mbabazi Sharifah, , def. Kadondi Christine, , 21-19 21-14 .

Nalule Vivian, , def. Maliha Musa, , 15-21 21-10 21-11 .

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