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Fortebet gives back ‘millions’ to Buwenge, Kamuli, Mafubira and Bugembe clients

The Touchline Sports - Fortebet gives back 'millions' to Buwenge, Kamuli, Mafubira and Bugembe clients

It was a joyful moment as Fortebet punters from Kamuli, Mafubira, Buwenge and Bugembe won themselves a lot of gifts over the weekend.

Like it has done elsewhere, even last weekend Fortebet visited the above centres and rewarded its punters, as a way of appreciating and giving back to them.

Punters got various gifts ranging from Fortebet pens, wristbands, caps, T-shirts and team jerseys of the top European teams, but most of all the phones being the grand gifts. At least 800 punters left these branches with any of the above gifts.

“This should be happening every day. You need to keep rewarding us because Fortebet is our number one betting company,” said Isma Kyakulaga, one of the punters who won a phone at the Kamuli branch

“Fortebet is your company because you have made it grow to the height at which it is. That is why we make sure we serve you in the best way possible. Besides serving you, we have also come to say thank you for choosing Fortebet as your number one betting home,” John Nanyumba, Fortebet Media manager said while speaking to the punters shortly before the gifts’ handover at Buwenge branch.

Also, Fortebet gave out reflector jackets at Kamuli.

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