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Cricket enthusiasts honor the enduring legacy of Eng. William Kibukamusoke


The cricket community gathered last Saturday at the Lugogo Cricket Oval to honor the remarkable contributions of Eng. William Kibukamusoke to the sport of cricket

Fondly known as Kabuki, Kibukamusoke’s illustrious career as a player, national team manager, and former chairman of UCA has left an indelible mark on Uganda’s cricket landscape.

The celebration featured a cricket match between Team Kabuki and Team William, with Team Kabuki emerging victorious by 9 wickets.

Speaking on the significance of the event, Mr. Paul Kaheru highlighted the rich history of cricket in Uganda, tracing its roots back to British introduction and subsequent adoption by the Asian community.

Despite facing challenges, including near extinction after the expulsion of Asians, indigenous Ugandans rallied to preserve the sport, honoring many who became cricket legends.

Paul Kaheru while giving a background on the celebration

The tradition of celebrating living legends began in 2019 with Mr. A.K Lutaaya and has continued with six others, fostering camaraderie and nostalgia among players.

The tribute to Eng. William Kibukamusoke “Kabuki” marks the continuation of this tradition, supported by various sponsors who recognize the contributions of individuals like Kabuki to Ugandan cricket.

Kabuki, revered as a cricket legend by the Kisementi Jazz community, played a pivotal role in shaping Uganda’s cricket scene.

His legacy transcends the sport, inspiring generations of cricketers and fans alike.

Jeremy Kibukamusoke fondly reflects on his father, Engineer William Kibukamusoke, known as Kabuki or Dadawe.

Kabuki’s relentless determination and multifaceted persona as a cricketing legend, chairman, and mentor have left an enduring mark.

Jeremy Kibukamusoke while delivering a speech on his father’s impact on Cricket

From his fierce competitiveness on the field to his unwavering support off it, Kabuki’s influence extends far beyond cricket, shaping characters and inspiring greatness in others.

His legacy as a go-getter and an embodiment of resilience and love is celebrated by all who have had the privilege to know him, making him a true icon in Uganda’s cricketing landscape.

UCA trustee Steven Lumonya hails Eng. William Kibukamusoke as a pillar in Ugandan cricket’s development, recalling their first encounter in 1973 at Busoga College Mwiri. Kabuki’s legacy paved the way for future generations, fostering a thriving cricket community in Uganda.

Fred Lutaaya expressed heartfelt gratitude to Engineer William Kibuka Musoke for his pivotal role in introducing them to cricket, even when they were unfamiliar with the basics of the game.

He recounted how, between 1991 and 1992, Kibuka Musoke would generously use his own fuel to drive to Ndejje SS, ensuring they didn’t miss training sessions.

Lutaaya extended appreciation on behalf of all who benefited from Kibuka Musoke’s guidance, emphasizing that legends like him are revered for their invaluable contributions to the game of cricket.

Additionally, he highlighted the enduring legacy of cricket at Ndejje SS, which Kabuki played a significant role in establishing.

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