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A Happy Ever After That Never Was: Moses Waiswa’s Time at KCCA


Back in June 2022, KCCA FC’s media team produced Hollywood like player unveiling videos which included Muhammad  Shaban landing onto an unfinished building from the sky.

There came one with a restaurant scene which had clients being asked “How may I assist you.” By Moses Waisswa who’s casually known as the ‘assist king’ by peers, it looked like Lugogo had opened its doors to new and better beginnings.

You would tell because the club had just let go of eight players including Yasser Mugerwa, Gift Ali, Erisa Ssekisambu and others, all at once.

Moses Waiswa arrived from a disappointing stint at Supersport United in South Africa with expectations from fans to rejuvenate himself.

He further won the hearts of KCCA die hards for choosing yellow over SC Vipers red from where he had left as a Captain before heading to South Africa.

“My father played for KCCA FC and that has influenced my decision to sign for the club.” – Waiswa after signing a 2 year contract that has now been mutually terminated with 5 months to go”

He also added that he would use his experience to help nature young talents at the club, it is kind to note that he was signed alongside young prospects like Faisal Wabyona and Saidi Mayanja. It all looked like a match made in heaven.

This cuddle would soon loosen, reports alleged that the player was unhappy with the club after failure to fully clear his sign on fee a year after his signing.

A string of mixed performances marked his time at Lugogo we can all agree in unison that his performance in KCCA’s 1-0 loss away to eventual championship Vipers last season could be one of the only few that met the fans expectations of him.

The change in coaches at Lugogo didn’t also play in his favour, from Jackson Mayanja who came in to replace Morley Byekwaso then Sergio Traguil.

However there were always two constant elements, more disagreements between him and the gaffer than minutes he was sent onto the pitch.

The most recent is when he allegedly led group of players that expressed dissatisfaction towards Portuguese tactician Sergio Traguil’s tactics who traveled to face Kitara FC without many senior players that had been a part of the ‘riot.’ losing 3:1.

It then became a question of when and not if Waiswa and Sergio would leave the club soon, the latter saw his exit first and the former has also followed through in similar fashion.

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